Slow Down. Every Girl Needs Flowers.

Yesterday afternoon I got home early. It was awesome  because I was able to get a run in before the girls got home and the chaos began. I decided it was the perfect chance to help Ava get her “marathon kids” miles in so I ran to go pick her up. She was ecstatic her “dream came true” to be able to walk home.

As we ran/walked home, we chatted.  She told me how they had a lockdown drill at school.  I grew up in El Paso, we didn’t even have tornado or earthquake drills, just plain old fire drills.  I didn’t even know what an active shooter drill was until I went to continuing education a couple weeks ago.


What was that?

Well it’s when we hide under a desk and read.

How do you know when you have a drill? Do they announce it?

She very matter of factly said, “Yeah they come on the announcements and say ‘there is an emergency situation.'”

What if you aren’t by your class, like if you’re coming back from lunch? I asked.

We just go to whatever classroom is nearby. It doesn’t matter if it’s not ours or if we’re not in the grade.  We’ve never had a real tornado, or a fire or a lockdown!

Then she went on to say that she really hated fire drills because they rushed them out and that wasn’t fun if it was super cold and they didn’t have time to grab a coat or if it was super hot in the summer and they had to stand outside.


My little baby’s heart is so big and I hope it stays that innocent. She has no idea why she has to go through these lockddown drills or the danger and the maniacs they are trying to protect these kids from.   I pray she never does know. The fact she even has to have these breaks my heart because it’s terrifying sending your kid to the place that they spend more hours than they do at home and just praying they’re safe.  The last thing they need to worry about is some bad person coming to their school.

It was then and there I was so thankful for that extra time I took to walk her home instead of hopping in the car and driving her home and back to rush into our afternoon routine.  We talked. I encouraged her about her running (she has a one-miler coming up!).  She was so happy to have that time and so proud of herself for doing it.  It didn’t cost a dime but meant the world to her.

slow. down.


let them be kids.

So today at lunch I stopped and was reminded: even little girls need to get flowers sometimes.  And bought these for her. Just because.

little girls need flowers too


*PS big girls like beautiful flowers too. I learned that firsthand this year.


2 thoughts on “Slow Down. Every Girl Needs Flowers.

  1. Sending you so much love, Jess. I am not ready for those conversations yet. I know that my kindergartener and I will have them soon. I love the flowers. They are gorgeous!

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