Glitter and Tutus

Allie came with me to find my F1 outfit. She loves clothes shopping and is definitely a shoe girl. Not sure where she gets that from because I’m not. Purses? It’s on.

Anyway, my sweet girl definitely has a fashion sense and is truly a princess (in her own eyes and mine).

When it comes to picking battles against one of the most stubborn two year olds alive, I could care less what she wears. She’s 2. Clearly I don’t intentionally dress my kid in 2 different shoes and a pajama top. It’s endearing and cute. If I could wear yoga pants to work, I would. Also she yells loud like a beast and the less yelling, the better.

If you ever need a personal shopper, Allie is your girl. She thought I should buy these gold shoes and tossed them in the cart after making me try them on. Clearly I am lame so I bought the ones on the right. Damn grown up practicality. 20131120-140429.jpg

But! I totally had a flashback to Blissdom and tried to justify these beauties on the left. And they there was the gorgeous Torys on the right. I was conservative and bought neither. 1) I have nowhere to wear glitter shoes. I work for the state. Duh. 2) as much as I love those shoes, I just couldn’t justify the price tag. told you I’m not a shoe girl.20131120-140904.jpg

Oh to be carefree and not care what anyone around you thinks about your neon pants and super shirt. And to wear a tutu. Daily. #jealous


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