I love Treat(s)! {GIVEAWAY!} [ended]

This is a sponsored post. I got a mug and stationary in exchange for telling you about something I already think is awesome.  PLUS I get to give away the same to one of you guys, only you get to pick your own mug. You don’t have to have one with my kids on it. That’d be weird.  Anyway. They didn’t tell me what to say and well, you know the drill.


I love sending cards. LOVE IT. Except I’m probably the most forgetful person in the world-no really. I bought a card for  my dad for Father’s Day 2011. It’s still sitting on the nightstand next to my bed because I forget to send it every year. Seriously.  I also send stuff late. I’m notoriously late about sending cards.  Even if I have them (exhibit A, above).

Anyway so I started using Treat last year. Not for Christmas cards or anything, just everyday cards like “hey you rock, here’s a hello.” I sent the grandparents cards for Grandparents’ Day, I send thank you cards, you name it. I just love the idea of putting pictures on something and personalizing it, even if it’s not in your handwriting.

The best part is that after you create it online, you’re done. You can even include a gift card if you want! Then they mail it  to your recipient and then you wait for them to text you a happy about getting your awesome card! No leaving the card in your purse for 3 weeks and letting the envelope get all crumpled. ::ahem, sorry H::

Treat’s awesome.


Well now you can actually get holiday cards from Treat too!  Seriously, I love sending Christmas cards because that’s when I get to step up my game from my chicken scratch notes I send to people year round and get to send super pretty (or at least that was before I got addicted to Treat and even downloaded the app and tweet at them like every week).  Last year I sent one to Ava “from Santa” so that she would know that he was keeping his eyes open and was happy with her behavior.  Pretty sure he’ll be sending the girls some cards again this  year too. Best part is not worrying about her being all, “hey mom, this scratchy writing looks like yours! And that looks like my Hello Kitty pen too!”

We all order cards because it’s the norm, no matter how cute the store ones are.  But for your parents, you just want something a little more special, something that says HEY you rock and you get the extra special awesome Christmas card! Or maybe someone that’s far away from home for the holidays (like my brother who spent THREE Christmases in Japan, actually 4!).

Treat mug

mug from Treat!

So now there’s a couple new things at Treat.  Did you know that almost every card comes with the option to send it electronically? So if you really drop the ball like I did ::ahem Sara:: and sit on the card that would have been on time if you’d let Treat sent it, you can have it emailed to the recipient. It’s super easy.  (Check it out on YouTube here if you want proof).

The other thing I’m loving is the gifts at Treat–I thought they were cards only!

I think I’m ordering this one to feed my tea addiction and make me smile on a Monday morning when I just want to go home. And I’ll probably get one for the grandparents with the girls’ faces on it. Because hello, pictures of your beautiful silly grandkids? Always welcomed.

So the best part? YOU can win Treat treats too! A mug AND some stationary! Because every grown person needs their own fancy stationary. I learned that from a lovely 15 year old who has become my go-to babysitter. I was jealous when she wrote me “thank you” notes on her own stationary.

HOW DO I WIN, JESS!??!?! Calm down, lemme tell you, friend. It’s easy.


mandatory: Just visit the Treat website and leave a comment telling me which is your favorite card.  It doesn’t even have to be Christmas, whichever. I’m always in the market for funny cards, FYI. As a second chance to win, follow me on Pinterest. Leave a comment with your Pinterest username.

Sorry, US friends only.

But hurry! The giveaway ends on Good Stuff Wednesday, November 20, 2013 (which means I’ll pick a winner on Thursday morning).


You’re Invited! Join the #TreatCheer Twitter party on11/18 at 2 PM ET with @ResourcefulMom. The grand prize (among many others) is a $500 giftcard to Amazon! Hello! Christmas shopping, done.

RSVP: http://resourcefulmommy.com/13195/treat-holiday-twitter-and-pinning-party/


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  1. I love them all! I think I like the “Brighter and Wider” card. Choosing cards is so hard for me because I love bright colors and fun looking words and I want to make them all with pics of my little girl all over them!

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