Once upon a time…

There was a lovely girl who was quite friendly and kind. She loved her babies and worked hard. Unfortunately, the girl’s precious daughter gave her 3:00am wake up calls for two days in a row. Even the day after she pushed the kid for 11 miles in a stroller and got a tan while doing it. Texas hadn’t gotten the memo that it is fall.

AND That was after the little beauty clinging to her mama for two solid days like a tick to a deer. Or a dog. Or maybe Brad Paisley out in the country.

Point is, girl was tired. Very. But she was slightly excited to go to work, because let’s be real: working a day job is sometimes easier than staying home with two sick kids.

Oh did I mention the other precious child has strep now too? call me the strep whisperer-no swab required. I can spot it from. 100 yards

To reward herself for her efforts, the lovely girl paid a visit to her local and most favorite Starbucks. Front row parking, triumph! this is downtown Austin in the morning, after all. Parking is hard to come by. Triumph!

On a new kick that involves the love of all things tea, particularly chai, the girl decided to be super cool and order an extra hot dirty chai. Surely that’s what the cool kids get. To be fair, she was only half sure what that meant so she verified with her BFF who was a million miles away in DC for work.

BFF forgot to mention that one shot was enough. So the cool girl ordered a double shot, extra hot chai.


Chai girl was ever so chatty that morning. Fun times. Untouchable by the likes of a triple soy latte, she had now met her match.

Lesson learned. The princess can’t handle a double dirty chai. Even if it is absolutely delicious and eye opening. Know when to say when.
20131113-205256.jpgpumpkin scone, happy note, yummy drink makes a Wednesday that’s really like a Monday just a little better

And with that, this mama is going to bed. Even though she should’ve done so an hour ago. And even though the tiny girl used her powers to end up in mama’s bed. Which more contorting for the sleepless win.


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