Jess’s “Day Off”

3:00am- Allie is crying through the monitor. I glance over and she’s laying down, not standing with bebe and line leader dog in hand waiting to be carried off.

3:20am- Allie still crying. Clearly she’s not going to stop. She’s still not standing up though. Executive decision to go get her out of bed and hope she falls back to sleep. Break back trying to carry the monkey around back to dreamland.

4:30am- she finally does-ish. Requirement for being a parent? Learn to contort yourself to accommodate your tiny 2 year old in a queen sized bed. Make sure you learn to breathe without moving so that you don’t disturb her and wake the beast.

6:15am- give up and realize that she’s really up for the day. Also realize that she’s actually kind of warm. Great. She finally speaks up to tell me her mouth hurts. Doesn’t beg for chocolate milk. Begs to go to doctor. Ava asks if she’s serious (clearly Ava doesn’t love going to the doctor).

7:00-ish realize that she’s not going to be able to go school and she probably has strep based on the MO of this house. Low grade fever, not eating. Yay. Set alarm on phone to call doctor the moment they open.

8:00- eat breakfast (leftovers) and drink chai latte (leftover). Watch crappy national news and indulge in a slice of cake. Ok, two. Begs to go to doctor again.

off to doctor. Chat with friend while waiting. ::waves at C::

Strep verified. Doctor figured someone had already told me. Nope, I’m a professional at diagnosing it. I just use them for the drugs, obv. Amoxicillin called in and we’re off, tootsie pop and sticker in hand.

Obligatory trip to Target. Buy Hello Kitty shoes for the champ.

Car nap after picking up antibiotics, then transfer to bed. The clock starts ticking to get all the things done and still squeeze in a nap with her. Surely she’ll crash out for a while.

Hit computer to get work done. Start cleaning kitchen to avoid horrible odors and lack of dishes later.

12 seconds later- (ok, like 40 minutes) nap over, no nap for mom.

Miscellaneous, maximum cling.

Unexplainable crying in playroom. Force the kid to nap.

Cue the repairman knocking, ringing doorbell, and causing dogs to bark like they’re dobermans–right as she fell asleep. Dammit.

And so here we are. Staying home with a sick big girl is wayyyyy less maintenance than a tiny girl, but I wouldn’t trade this little face on my shoulder because I’ll blink and she’ll be too big to carry.

5:15- Allie just walked up to hug my leg and for the first time ever, said, “I love you so much!” Melted. She owns me.


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