My brother is awesome. {Semper Fi}

My little brother is three years younger than me. In the past 13 years he’s set foot on more countries and seen more things than I’ll probably see in my lifetime. That’s the exchange for serving your country.

My brother just received honorable discharge from the Marines after being enlisted since the ripe old age of 17. The Marines made him the man he is today. It’s weird to think of my little brother as a guy who used to boss other guys around and handled massive amounts of ammunition. On and of the battlefield.

The Marines is more than the enlisted member. It’s their spouse. Their kids. Their family that patiently waits for a phone call or email every few weeks just to know they’re alive.

It’s missed holidays and lost birthdays and phone calls because the time difference of 14 hours is just too much. Especially when he had to be up at 5:00 in the morning. Or he worked overnight or had to go pull a Marine out of jail at 2:00am.

It’s dedication. It’s something only a military family can understand. It’s not questioning why someone would choose to put himself in the line of fire to help others have the right to vote for the first time ever.

It’s seeing your friends get hurt. Or worse.

It’s being a hero.

My brother is one. He’s so cool that Chuck Norris even wanted to have his picture taken with him.

Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all of you service men and women, family members and loved ones for standing by them. 20131111-164936.jpg


One thought on “My brother is awesome. {Semper Fi}

  1. Yes to ALL you said 🙂 Give him a huge THANK YOU from all of us in our home.
    Also, was Kimberly at Mom go something something FREAKING out over this picture? 🙂

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