Just Treats.

Halloween has never been my thing. The only costume I remember is a Wonder Woman costume my mom made by hand when I was in kinder. It was awesome.

I’m not into scary stuff, even though I’m happy to feed @TheNextMartha’s addiction.

I do love the idea of my girls getting excited and dressing up. And collecting candy for me. Kids earn their keep in the form of their weight in chocolate at least twice a year–don’t forget Easter.

Halloween, more importantly dia de Los muertos, was an excellent excuse to buy this amazing piece from Jenny Davies. Isn’t it awesome? If you’re interested she’s on Instagram at @jdaviesreazor. Check her out and you can also find her contact info there. I totally wore this all week and got tons of compliments.

Then there were teacher treats. I love the excuse to get little things for the teachers. Dude, these wonderful ladies change my toddler’s peepee pants. I owe them.
Ava wanted gifts for the teachers so se headed to the Mecca: Target. Easy peasy. Dollar aisle for buckets, then off to the stationary section where I found cute duck tape and neon sharpies on clearance. Throw in some candy and a homemade card, boom. Thanks teacher. It’s not Starbucks, but you’re still showing your appreciation with stuff they can use–not a crayon picture frame they’ll probably never use.

Then there was this. We brought the awesome to work. Who said lawyers are boring? I even made queso in my office and we all gnashed on that with tons of treats for breakfast.

Heather and I decided to bring the happy to the office and she wore an awesome Wonder Woman shirt (because duh, she is) and jeans and a snazzy tiara. Looks awesome without being over the top.

Like me. Who wore a tutu. To be fair, I bought this tutu for my Disney race and I already had the running pants and had never even worn them! The awesome thing is I learned that I would have no problem wearing this to run in. Oh, and yeah, there were ears. But it’s not like I wore glittery shoes with a bow, gah what am I? I’m a professional. Who works in Ag. So I wore boots. And also it was rainy.
But I lawyered up after lunch and got into lawdog zone for a board meeting. Boom. Versatile.

The girls wanted to be Cinderella and a vampire. Ava was very impressed with herself. I think mostly because she got to wear makeup and was shocked she could actually wear a really good ponytail. Needless to say, they looked awesome.

Hope you guys raked in lots of candy and none of those crappy tootsie rolls or pennies.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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