I watched the ING New York City marathon for a bit on tv. As a general practice, I don’t watch running on tv because that’s like watching paint dry–even for a runner.

But there was something about watching them as they ran sub-5 minute miles that was inspiring. They looked effortless. They looked like they were just out for a quick practice run as they train for a big race. Despite that the winner’s time to complete the whole marathon was faster than my half marathon finish time by 7 minutes, I was motivated. Inspired.

Sure these guys don’t just run on the side. Running is their day job. They are marathoners and premier athletes who devote their lives to their sport.

Cam McDaniel rocks Notre Dame

source: ESPN Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

And then there’s guys like Cam McDaniel. He’s the running back for Notre Dame (FROM TEXAS) who got his helmet knocked off during a play against USC and he still managed to look like that caught in a photo.

Effortless. What else could that look like? It couldn’t be better if ESPN set up the shot after hours and hours of takes and took the picture.


{Needless to say after going to a Notre Dame game in person, I now find myself watching the games even when J’s not around. And I actually pay attention and am learning. College football is awesome. NFL still sucks.}

Anyway, being effortless goes way further than just sports.

We see other moms and we look at them and think “how effortless they make this parenting gig look.  Clearly I’m doing something wrong.”

We compare our homes (and their level of mess), what we feed our kids, the number of activities they’re in, what we do on the side, the way we look, it’s never ending.

It’s not actually, in fact, effortless. There is so much behind that beautifully painted red door, like a mess of dishes on the sink because they were too tired to bother after a long night of struggling with homework.  There’s the internal battle with the outward appearance.  There’s their own comparisons with others thinking that actually they are the ones that make it look effortless because really she’s busting her ass to even remotely try and get by.

Effortless is in the eye of the beholder.

Every works on their own time table. Their own measure of what’s good enough.  What’s important.

Recognizing that nothing is actually effortless is half the battle.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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