When life gets in the way of Training

I only ran 3.12 miles Monday night. I didn’t even finish till 8 at night. Life got in the way of my 11 mile schedule training run. This is marathon training week 10, for the record. But I’m ok with that.

One of the best reasons not to run is life. Life always “gets in the way,” right?

My two beautiful girls (lucky for them-haha) each gave me 4am wake up call this weekend (Allie- Saturday, Ava- Sunday). Allie got lucky because I didn’t have glasses on and I had no idea what time it was. Fail when I came down and saw the clock. She didn’t go back to bed till 6. Ava was scared awake by the thunderstorms (wonder where she gets that from), so off I went to sleep with her in bed. I can’t say I minded the snuggles. She’s getting older and those will soon be unwanted.

Saturday and Sunday got away from me because I was spending time with wonderful people who make my heart happy. And that’s not even people in my house! I’m a lucky girl to have so many in my life.

One of the things about being a long distance runner is that it’s easy to take any run for granted.  You don’t want to go out for a short run when you’ve got 20 minutes because “what good is a run if it isn’t more than 3 miles?” Yeah, we’re nuts like that.

I’ve been tired this week. The last couple of weeks actually.  And being home with a sick kid and a non-sick kid who acts like a two-year old baby Tasmanian devil but meaner is pretty tiring and soul beating.  Again with the dramatics, but if you’ve dealt with a two-year old who looks you in the eye and outright defies you, you know what I mean.  (Shout out SAHMs).

I had absolutely no desire to go running last night, but the Mouse made me do it. (And I’ve got some fantastic runspiration on my Pinterest boards if you need a good kick in the butt)  

I got out there and knew whether I reached my goal to get out there and hit 20 minutes, it was better than zero minutes which is what I had most of last week.  But then 20 minutes turned into 4 miles in 45 minutes (woohoo!) and I was patting myself on the back.  Never fails, getting out there is the hard part. Then you get to see your mileage and you’re never sorry you went.

It’s my me time, but the last couple runs out there’s something interesting to see. I’ll just say this for my action packed runs this week, I: almost stepped on 2 dead squirrels, called 911 once, and warned the neighbor about random wandering solicitors who were going door to door at 8:00 at night.  Yeah, call me Neighborhood Watch.  What can I say? I’m an exciting girl. < < ::sarcasm font::

Anyway, it’s my time and I’m doing this. No excuses, right? 26.2.

Otherwise Mickey is going to be carrying me to the finish line. And that won’t make a good picture. Actually….


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