My week of Pixie Dust {#DisneyMP}

Allie wears tutus daily. The dog wears a headband to look beautiful, daily. I think he does it for the shot at treats.

A really beautiful necklace made by an incredibly talented woman, Jenny Davies Reazor. Check her out.

Pecan Pie shooter from Whole Foods. Do I even need to say more? I’m not ashamed to admit that I sat on the floor and ate this while the kids were eating dinner. It was SO worth it. I’m going back to buy more.


It wouldn’t be Austin without allergies. Apparently this is a bad time for ragweed. What isn’t a bad time for allergies in Austin?! Either way, this stuff is my new sinus best friend. As a professional sinus fighter and freakishly immune to medication person, I’ve gotta say this stuff was impressive.


And then there was this….

I mentioned I was chosen to advance to Round 2 in the Disney Parks Mom Panel selection process. Well aside from the 10 essays my heart poured out onto the computer screen, I needed a 60 video as well.  Cousin Brandon my partner in John Mayer loving crime to the rescue! He’s so nifty. He gave up a lunch hour and we drove around to the perfect spot where he shot this. Then helped me by creating it all! He’s a genius.

Dudes, this was serious business. We saw a BIG snake going from the grass to the lake. And I still managed to finish the video without running screaming. Pretty good from two people who were screaming when we saw a dead snake in the road while running in the dark one night.

So here’s the final product. I can use all the pixie dust, prayers, well wishes, and Mickey magic you can spare to get me to the next round. Wish me luck, please!


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