Getting Stronger {my fave running apps}

I haven’t gotten to run with my Austin Fit group in a few weeks. Life comes up, travel, the usual. I’m really thankful for the weekly emails with tips and schedules. At least there’s that. It’s definitely the motivation I need to keep up the pace, even when it’s easy to forget when you are on your own.

This weekend 10 miles was scheduled. Drop in the bucket considering the final distance will be 26.2, but it’s the longest I’ve run since my half in July.  One of the  biggest reasons I wanted to run with a group is that it’s so easy to cut your mileage short when you’re on your own.

I did it.

Pushing a kid.

In the cold.

Up a hill.

No really, I did!  I wasn’t so sure how it was going to go, but I packed Allie up and bundled her in a blanket (for all you non-Texas people it was like 55 degrees but breezy and to us that’s cold).  Off in the jogger we went to dance class, I left the jogger and put in 5 miles while she was in class, then back to get her and finish the run.

It was awesome and apparently Allie really digs listening to Juanes, as well she should.

I’m really getting in my groove which is fantastic. One of my biggest fears is not being able to (physically) make it to the starting line. I’m being cautious, stretching, taking supplements, and trying to get my runs in each week. Training IS a marathon.

What’s working to increase my endurance are the 4:00 min./1:00 min. interval splits. It’s not something I had done before Austin Fit and I’m so glad I tried it. It seems like it’s a lot easier to run for 4 minutes straight when you know you have a break coming.  Then you are pushed to keep going when that timer pushes you and tells you to start moving.

I don’t have a running watch because I’ve never cared about heart rate or any of that stuff, but these have been my go to apps for running:

My Favorite Running Apps |

1) Interval Timer--this let’s you set a warm up period, “high interval” period (I use this for running), and a “low interval” period (I use this to walk).  You can set as many reps as you’d like and you can have your cycle repeat.  You can customize the sounds for each of your alerts and the foghorn has become a welcomed  sound over my music because I get a much needed walk break.

2) Map My Run–I used to be an exclusive Nike+ user forever. Like since the little chip thing in your shoes connected to your iPod.  After trying Map My Run (our coaches use that to create our runs and we can save them to the app), I realized how OFF the Nike+ mileage is.  Even with GPS it’s still way off.  The other awesome thing about Map My Run is that it gives you a split pace and tells you how long each mile took you. I really like that because it’s pretty motivating to hear when you’ve been speeding up even though your legs feel like lead.  You need the pro app to incorporate music, but seriously, just turn on your tunes and then start the app. No big deal.

I finished 10.05 miles on Saturday and felt pretty damn good. In fact, I probably could’ve gone longer. But I didn’t out of an abundance of caution because I’m terrified to get hurt.  I was a weird kind of sore yesterday so I’ll be headed to yoga today–as much as I’d rather go running.

Marathon is just that, a marathon, right?  So training means taking care of myself in more ways than just prepping to actually hoof the mileage. So Black Swan Yoga it is.

I’m coming for you Disney Marathon. It’s on.


One thought on “Getting Stronger {my fave running apps}

  1. Well look at you go! So excited for you to feel like you could have run even more than the ten miles. I hate that weird achy soreness that comes after long runs. Stretching and lots of electrolytes helps a ton.

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