My week.

I’ve been hiding. And for once it’s not really because things I’ve been trying to escape in a hole. I’m coming out of the gray (knock on wood and crossing fingers) and I can see the sun again–metaphorically, of course.  It’s been lovely and rainy and cloudy in Texas this week and it’s awesome. It actually feels like fall.

Apparently per Pinterest and Urban Dictionary, I’m a:

Rainy Days are my sunshine.

Sorry I don’t know the original source of this picture. It’s been pinned like 1000 times and memed as many more.  If it’s yours, let me know.  I knew I was meant to live in the northwest or somewhere that actually has something more than sun 330 days a year.

I’ve got lots to say, but that will come when it comes and this is Friday so no Debbie Downer’s here.

For now, here are the highlight pictures from my week.


  • Fall means it’s time to break out the boots and scarves without looking ridiculous. I jumped on that like it was my job.
  • It rained here all weekend. Record rainfall, I think. All I know is during my run this normally dry grass was flooded with water and all of the neighborhood was taking pics in awe.
  • Fall means delicious: latte and a bacon/gouda on a chilly morning after getting front row parking at Starbucks.
  • Green chile chicken enchiladas. YES PLEASE. So easy. Recipe coming soon. (Yes, that is a WHOLE block of cream cheese)

fall is yum

  • I sure do like to eat, don’t I?  It’s not fun not eating. So yeah, I’m embracing the appetite being back.
  • Lobster ravioli from Trader Joe’s is divine. Absolutely delicious. I made the Pioneer Woman’s alfredo sauce MacGayver style by using the butter, half & half and Parmesan and mozzarella cheese I had in the fridge. I tossed in asparagus for good measure. I ate every last cholesterol laden bite. By myself.
  • I never got why the English drink their tea with cream. I do now. I tried some with my new creamed cinnamon honey and it was heavenly. Nice alternative to coffee.
  • Candy Corn Oreos, my friends. Yes, they are as sugary sweet as they sound. And just as good. FYI, candy corn is a GREAT pre-run snack. Think sport beans but without the big price tag. Definitely good in a pinch.

happy happy happy

  • It isn’t Halloween, my kid just wears a Minnie Mouse dress multiple days a week. She’s a self-proclaimed princess and Disney is her jam, what can I say? Don’t let anyone tell you your kid won’t remember Disney World at 1 and a half, clearly she did.
  • Speaking of Disney, I’m BEYOND ECSTATIC because I was chosen to advance to Round 2 of the Disney Parks Moms Panel. Last year I was rejected during the first round. As my love for Disney has grown (hello, Disney Marathon 26.2 miles), I decided to give it another shot and applied as a Fitness mama. After all, I was inspired so why not? I’m crossing everything I’ve got that I can wow them next round and make it to be on the panel.
  • My week was filled with doctor’s appointments. I got a nerve block to try to help with the never-ending headaches.  Did it work? We’ll see. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds and 100 times better than the headache itself.
  • New music love: Imaginary Friend. They sing the theme song to the new All My Children (remember when I met Vincent Irizzary aka David Hayward? Seriously, I’ll never forget that–thanks Blissdom!).  Anyway “We are the Love we Give” is awesome.  Think the Fray, Snow Patrol, and every mellow band you’ve ever loved. BUY IT.
  • My girls are beautiful and I thank the stars for them every chance I get. Crazy beastliness of the 2s and the pre-tweens aside, love them.

5 thoughts on “My week.

  1. I’m a rain lover. Love it. In a sad way, it gives me the ok to be sad not like a sunny day where I’m supposed to be cheery and want to participate in life.
    I want your belt.

  2. I had no idea there was a name for us rain lovers! I love a good rainy day!! Especially that first rainy day during the fall when it feels cool, not humid, and you really can sense the changing seasons (I’m in Virginia — not sure if you get this type of weather in Texas!). I will embrace my “pluviophile” status with pride!!

    • Right? Me either! I thought I was just weird. I am absolutely loving this rain and overcast. The humidity, not so much. And we really never feel seasons change, not really. It’s a bummer!

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