Going home.

I didn’t grow up in Dallas, but I moved there at the ripe old age of 22 to go to the beautiful Dedman School of Law. It was the first time I was truly away from home as a grown up and away from my hometown. I still remember when my dad drove me up to Dallas and I took him to the airport to go back home.

We lived there for 5 years. It was where we first got married, I graduated, took (and passed) the Texas bar exam, and we welcomed our first baby girl. It is home.

El Paso may be where I grew up, and it’s where my family is, but it’s not home.  It’s not my favorite place in the country, I don’t visit much, but that’s the beauty of technology–we can stay connected without missing each other. I know that not everything is the same, but for me it works.  My dad’s in El Paso but he could easily be here, or Ruidoso (wishful thinking), or anywhere. No matter where he lives, his house will always be home.

So for me, going to Dallas for work this week was like going home.  For a couple years after we moved to Austin, driving up 35E and seeing the incredible Dallas skyline made me smile. It was the tease that maybe we needed to stop playing in Austin and just come back home to Dallas. I still love it there.  Who knows what’s in store years from now.

Here’s some highlights from my quick trip for work. Damn, I love my job.

20131003-220145.jpg1. Amy’s butter pecan & pralines with a coke? Yes, thank you, ABIA.2. My hotel was too cool for school. SO coming back.3. Awesome room made me want to stay and write all day.4. View from the hotel. Yup, those are longhorns. This is Texas, after all.20131003-220249.jpg1. The magnificent Magnolia downtown.2. There’s a Pioneer Cemetery next to  City Hall. It was really interesting walking around. All of the plots were pre-1900, sadly many were children.3. Great morning for a foggy run.4. SQUIRREL!!!!20131003-220323.jpg1. My alma mater was just as beautiful as when I left it.2. Awesome shot from the plane (while electronics were approved).

3. Future superstar. Seriously–check out Sons of Fathers.
That’s Paul Cauthen (he’s my friend’s brother).
Their music is awesome, they’ve played Grand Ol’ Opry AND he’s playing ACL next weekend.
I downloaded his new album (came out in April) as soon as I got home.
So far my favorite is “Burning Days” (title track) and it’s pretty much on repeat on iTunes.

Check out their Facebook page so you can see when they’re coming to a venue near you. I guarantee they will be winning Best New Artist at some point in the future. They’re so diverse and awesome it could be at the CMAs or the AMAs. Either way, I’ll cheer them on.

4. Oh law school supplements, how I do not miss thee. The thought of taking another class or bar exam? SHUDDER.
5. Campisi’s Pizza. Classic Dallas deliciousness. (now at the much fancier Love Field airport)


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