Music junkie {I wanna be Miranda Lambert’s BFF}

I’m a live music junkie. Living in the live music capital of the country, that tends to happen. I’m not as hip and into the new stuff as I used to be, I’m pretty main stream, but I still get my fix.

Friday was our 11th anniversary and we had tickets to see Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. It. Was. Awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a cuter and better date. I’m trying to hook him into live music.

Wait, retract that. She was awesome. Dierks was a great live performer, but he’s a total douche.

It’s a tough gig being a live musician. You have to manage your instruments, singing, and keeping the audience engaged. Poor little Phillip Phillips doesn’t have that part down. He’s horrible.

Anyway, part of being a musician-a good one- is being gracious and real. Dierks was everything but. The cameras were never on his band and he didn’t even introduce them. Classy. But he did introduce the girl in the little white tank top and tiny shorts who he let play his guitar.


He’s that guy. He asked chicks to throw tank tops on stage. He was happy when he got a bra. So basically if you have boobs and a tank then he’s happy to see you.

Anyway, he’s great live but all that made him unlikeable. The glitter is gone.

Then came Miranda Lambert. Oh. Em. Gee. She was freaking awesome. Maybe it’s because she is a Texas girl and was home. Either way, I want to be Miranda when I grow up. She seemed like the cool kid that you look up to but desperately want to hang out with all at once. Such a great live performer. Everything you can hear in her voice, the emotions, the feelings, all of that comes out in her performance. I was in awe how she made you feel the emotion from the lyrics.
She’s beautiful and for about 10 minutes I was pretty sure I needed some sparkle cowboy boots and a sparkle skirt with a giant sparkling belt. I sang. Loudly. It was awesome. There’s something about her that is so genuine that you want her to be your best friend.

My favorite was when she introduced “All kinds of kinds” and prefaced it by saying it doesn’t matter what you look like, who you are, how you think. This world takes all kinds of kinds. She is a confident and strong woman. Definitely awesome.

She’s tied for my top 2 & 3 concert performers ever with Jason Aldean. Obviously I don’t need to tell you who number one is…especially since I’ll be seeing him for the second time this year in December. What kind of John Mayer fans would we be if we didn’t try to seem him twice in one year?


8 thoughts on “Music junkie {I wanna be Miranda Lambert’s BFF}

  1. Oh yes, I am SO glad you love live music, too!! I am not a huge country fan, leaning more toward rock, alternative, indie, and that new kind of electronic rock stuff that is all over the airwaves, but I can get down for any kind of live music. Please let me join your girl gang. I would tattoo a little tear by my eye and roll with the brass knuckles as your enforcer if you would let me 😉

    • Thanks Babe. How could I judge you? I’m seeing John Mayer twice in one year and you’ve made me cards with his face on them that are up in my office.

  2. Totally agree Miranda is AWESOME live. I saw them in Houston a day later. Miranda’s talent, lyrics, personality are just so genuine. She is a joy to watch and yes the crowd sang along to her ENITRE set. 🙂 Dierks has some good songs but yeah he is a little creepy. Also my guy keep count how many times he said Houston to get cheers from the quiet crowd(it was more than 25 times). Anyway LOVE Miranda!!

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