Pinterest {Obsessed}! Join Me.

Whoa. That sounds a little cultish. But if you’ve recruited someone to your Pinterest cult ::ahem, Rosa:: then it makes sense.

Pinterest Passion

to join the fun click here and add a link to your boards!

It’s no secret if you follow me on Pinterest that I’ve been a wee bit obsessive lately.  I mean, it’s just awesome but then I started looking for stuff that I would ACTUALLY do because I had my massive downstairs makeover and I needed to learn how to do all that stuff.  I am a Pinterest BOSS after work and I finally get to relax in bed. That’s my wind down time.

Pinterest @Jessesco

And of course, I will confess that I have a John Mayer board.  And a humor board that may or may not be entirely appropriate.  But if you know me, you know I don’t pin the ones that really make me laugh because they usually have naughty words.

Yes, I have several running boards, lots of cooking boards (categories, people!), and lots of home decor boards. I try to keep them organized, therefore 98 boards (and counting). I don’t like searching for stuff.  Here are a few of my favorites. I just really like Pinterest, what can I say.

Pinterest Jessesco

1. John Mayer board exists.
2. For when I decided to teach myself to crochet.
3 & 4. For giggles.

I’m always looking for new boards and new ideas.  I love all the people I follow, but when you run in the same circles you see the same pins. I spend most of my time exploring other categories to see what new stuff I can find.

That’s where Gina comes in. She lives in the UK (and you know I love all things UK thanks to British Chick Lit) AND she used to work in cancer research. How amazing is that?   Anyway, she hosts Pinterest Passion and you can link up your boards and find all types of new people to follow too!

So follow me: here and follow Gina: here.

Make sure you go link up with Gina and leave me a link to your boards in the comments so I can follow you!


5 thoughts on “Pinterest {Obsessed}! Join Me.

  1. How about I give you access to my account and then you can organize it for me…I’m like power organizer but when I started pinterest, I didn’t want to get sucked in…then I did…so everything is all over and it drives me cray…yea…if I wasn’t already

  2. I’m on pinterest but one of my to do list things for September (I’m SO running out of days!) is to clean it up. I wasn’t very active the past couple of years and need to get it back in gear!

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