Dear Mom at Daycare…

I heard your baby before I even set foot down the stairs. The cries of a child who is just getting adjusted to a new classroom, daycare, teachers, it’s unmistakable. You can hear the sadness and the desperation in their cries as they call for you.

As I walked down the stairs with my Allie girl, I patiently waited for her to walk slowly, step by step showing her independence as she made her way down herself. I was so excited to get her to her class, it was going to be a big day ahead of us–first day in big girl panties.

I saw you slowly inching away from the classroom and walk ever so slowly toward the stairs to leave. I knew it was your child because I could see the pain in your eyes and the tentativeness as you walked and waited to hear the screaming stop. Or least get less.

I was going to say something to you, give you a reassuring smile. I understand. I’ve been there. I gave you a quick look of reassurance, but I didn’t want to upset you more or make a bigger deal of it. Just like with the kids, the less pomp you give a situation, the less they will make of it. I didn’t want you to start crying on your way to work.

It gets easier. We’re only a few weeks into this school year. I’ve been there. My first didn’t start daycare till she was almost 2 and a half. The little started at a little less than 3 months.

I know your child is brand new to the school and maybe even to daycare at all. Mine is going through extreme “mama bear” syndrome right now and I’m the bee’s knees. If I’m in sight, I’m the only one for her.

I’m sorry it’s going rough these drop offs. It will get better. Your baby will be well cared for. I know mine is and I love where she is. She has blossomed in the last 3 weeks and even started potty training herself. She is doing amazing and I couldn’t be happier where she’s at.

It gets betters.

They adapt.

Our hearts ache more deeply than theirs. It hurts us to hear them cry, but I know they get distracted and have fun. They love us that much more when we are their saviors at the end of a long day.

Hang in there.20130917-210627.jpg


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