Bugs. Food. Friends. {week in pictures}

It’s been quite a week. But judging from this it hasn’t been too shabby.

Girl (and cousin and daughter) time, another chance to see John Mayer within 6 months, and new running shoes made me smile.

Now if I broke this 11 day NON running streak, I’d be golden. Must. Go. Run.

20130914-213557.jpgMom date downtown * school drop off * cat socks at the Alamo * pedi time * Sunday school * more painting
20130914-213605.jpggirl day for pedis and massages (Milk & Honey Austin is where it’s at) * John Mayer coming to Austin!!!! * (expensive) creeper dolls at Uncommon Objects
20130914-214053.jpgBug hitchhiker followed me downtown (did i mention i killed a cockroach on my desk at work this week??) * new running shoes from Skora Running (I’m in love) * spinach white pie at Home Slice * the (ever underwhelming) Alamo! * pizza * breakfast lately (quiche, potatoes, beans)

One week closer to fall.


2 thoughts on “Bugs. Food. Friends. {week in pictures}

  1. That is the most disturbing picture ever. My mom thought that I loved porcelain dolls and I had a bunch in my room…all staring at me..creepy.
    You’ll get back to running. Just think of John and how much he likes ripped thighs. I don’t know if that’s true. You’re gorgeous.

    • I had ONE of those porcelain dolls. I’m not sure who thought they were a good idea for kids but whatev. I was a doll person and I liked them.

      I’m running. I have no choice because otherwise I doubt Mickey Mouse will carry my ass across the finish line.

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