The Beauty of Running

The past few days have been the fun roller coaster known as the lows of depressions and the “highs” of anxiety. Super fun. But not.

I went out for a run last night and decided to give interval training another shot–but mostly just to get some air and make myself feel better about using up 2 rest days by Tuesday.

I downloaded an app called “Interval Timer” and it worked WAY better than the one I tried to use last time.

All my big talk about wanting to join the faster pace group, HA! I didn’t even get to go to training with Austin Fit on Saturday and I’ll probably only get to go once this month. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Maybe it’s partly because I haven’t been eating so well lately that I felt slow and heavy. Either way, the 5/1 split worked out really well and I still managed about a 10:30 mile. I have no idea if that’s what it’s called because I haven’t actually read anything about interval training. I should probably read that “Train Like A Mother” book that I accidentally bought on Amazon. I’m really good at buying books to learn how to do stuff and very bad at actually reading them.

Basically I ran for 5 minutes then would walk for 1 minute.

It felt really good being out there. The great thing about this app, and interval training in general, is knowing that there is a stopping point. Yes, I ran the full 5 minutes during each cycle, then walked briskly for that next minute. 3.55 miles later, I was done.

I ran the hills, pushed myself a bit, but the satisfaction was knowing I was out there. I’ve got to admit that even though I talk the talk about “training for a marathon,” the idea of actually running the race is terrifying. It’s months away but thinking that I’ll basically be running the distance of one side of the city to the other, damn. It seems impossible.

The real highlight of my run is always the same when I run at night. The sunset and the way the sun peaks out from behind the clouds sending beams of sunshine up into the night sky.
People probably thought I was crazy because I was running and would stop to take pictures of the sky.

I may not slow down for much, but I know what natural beauty is and it is absolutely worth stopping for.


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Running

  1. What a gorgeous sunset! I do the same thing when I’m running, stopping randomly to take photos of pretty things. A friend of mine found your blog and sent me the link, because I’ll be moving to the Austin area in 2 months. I’m so excited to read more about your runs, training for a marathon (gulp, you are crazy but awesome!), and see my new home through a local’s eyes!


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