Modern Day Nomads

We don’t live in our forever house. We never have and we know it. I’m not sure that we will till we are hopefully very gray. Or maybe when the girls are at college, I don’t know, but hopefully it’ll be on a beach or a lake or somewhere with water nearby and great views.

When I was in law school, we lived in a few different apartments, moving from the heart of Dallas to the burbs.  We bought our first house in 2006 and it was a good one. It was perfect and had a great layout–Ava had two walk in closets and our master was huge. We didn’t do anything to it though, not really. It didn’t need it.  It wasn’t until we decided to move to Austin a year and a half later and we put the house on the market that we started making little tweaks to make it sale ready. I’m not sure why we didn’t do those things sooner, they were little but made such a difference.

When we moved to Austin, we rented because we had no idea where we wanted to live and we assumed we’d sell our house quickly and buy a new one. Wrong.  We didn’t unpack half of our house because we always figured the rental was temporary.  We were there for 3 years.

Now we are in our own home. It’s great, but it could use some new paint, and it definitely needs more personal touches.  Honestly if my aunt and dad hadn’t come to visit the summer we moved/Allie was born, we wouldn’t have HALF of the deco we have up. We’re just not the decorating kind.  Maybe there’s a class for that. Even though I bought new curtains in January I’ve yet to hang them.  We bought the rods three weeks ago, they’re still in the box. It’ll get done, it’s just not a priority.

I’ve got some big projects on tap for this weekend (shhh, it’s a secret).  But I still ask myself why I’m going through the effort.  We aren’t staying here forever, so why am I investing the time and effort (and money)?  Am I just doing this to give my Pinterest addiction an outlet?

I don’t know why I can’t get invested in a home–probably because it’s our home regardless of what it looks like so it doesn’t technically matter. Maybe because we’ve been lucky to live in great places that don’t need much work. But we’ve got extra special company coming next weekend ::ahem SARA:: and I figure if not now, when?

It’s just a weird attitude, I know.  I see some of my friends on Facebook and they love their homes and do all types of stuff.  I guess I just feel like we’re modern day nomads. Always looking for the next big thing.  We’ve been in Austin for 6 years now and it’s great. But maybe there are adventures out there somewhere in another town. Another state. SOMEWHERE WITH SEASONS AND SNOW. Sorry for yelling but it’s in the 100s all week and I’m a little upset about that, as if I could change the weather.

Obviously it’s not exactly easy to pick up and move when your job is tied to your license to practice law which is issued by one state and not all 50. I just think we like adventure and shaking things up.  I think we all have dreams and the grass is always greener. There’s something about taking on new adventures as a family that sounds so exciting.

So for now, I’ve got big plans to make our house ours. Really ours. You know pictures will come. I think I’ll have to do before, Pinterest, and after so you can see what I had, what I was going for, and what it actually came out like. Stay tuned for that.

So what say you, am I weird or what? Oh wait, never mind. Don’t answer that.


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