Getting in the Groove

This is the first week back to school for the big girl. Little girl is off for two days till she moves to her new class next week. My babies are not so very babies.

One of the hardest things for us is that this summer kind of got away from us. Not in the “oh my gosh but it was just June how is it already September!” kind of way, but more in the “our kid used to go to bed on the dot at 7 and now she’s really not actually asleep till closer to 9:30 and also she doesn’t listen.” I think that’s a nice way of saying, FAIL.

Either way, it’s time to lay down the law.

It started with a chore chart. I left it up for a couple weeks but didn’t enforce it–till this week. If she does everything on it, she’ll get paid $5. She gets paid for doing stuff she should be doing anyway? Yes. Why?

1) she’s 7 (going on 8) and needs to learn the value of money
2) she can get bonuses (for going above and beyond or excellent attitude)
3) she can get FINED (for not doing jobs or misbehaving)

So far in the first week she is already down to $4. She got fined for arguing on two separate occasions–by Tuesday. You know those times when you tell them to stop and don’t bother to keep arguing but they do and they carry on and you think OMG this kid is making me insane? That. Twice.

She’s started making her own lunch. This is a HUGE help for me. It may take her 15 minutes to make a sandwich, but it saves me those extra few minutes in the morning. Plus she can’t complain about the food because she’s responsible for it. She even gets Allie a sippy cup of water for school and has it waiting in the fridge to grab an go in the morning.

I’m hoping that she will get the hang of it quickly and will remember to look at her chart so she can get all her jobs done without me nagging her and asking her 100 times if she’s done it because I always have to. Her teacher requires that their behavior chart be signed daily–without us reminding them about it. This is hard. But after next week, I won’t be bringing that up either. It’ll be her responsibility. The girl is smart and in 2nd grade, she can totally handle it. Plus, I honestly believe that she truly does like the praise and to feel like she’s a contributor in the house.
I’ve changed my schedule at work to get a jump on traffic of (at least) 30 minutes because I hate rushing the girls when we get home. I think this will help. I’ve also cut out any and all weekday activities. No dance. No swimming. Nothing. The tv doesn’t turn on till dinner has been eaten, any homework has been finished, and showers are done. Another new thing for us. We like tv. A lot.

And yet I still feel like I’ve made crap food this week. I’m tired and only went running once during the week. I’m in school too this week, continuing legal education. Fun stuff but mostly I’m stressing all the stuff I need to do in the office. Luckily I’m a multitasker and there’s wifi so I’ve gotten lots done.

It’s gonna take a while to get back in the zone. At least Allie got the memo because she happily goes to bed at 6:30 and I no longer have to wake her up in the morning because she’s up on her own and chilling till I go get her about 6:30.

Hope you all had a good week back (if you had one). Happy three day weekend!


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