Where I will it to be Fall.

I’m not sure how I lived in Texas for so long without whining more about the summer heat. Maybe it’s because I used to be young and could wear a tank top and shorts everyday because I didn’t have a grown up job and kids to load/unload from a vehicle. All I know is I am SO ready for fall, my favorite season anyway.

We’ve had an obscene number of days of heat in the 100s. Our fall doesn’t technically start till Halloween. For a girl who lives for long sleeves, scarves, and drinks extra hot lattes year round, that’s not a good combo.

So as I look at the window at the overcast day and pretend it’s only 70 outside instead of 82 with 99.5% humidity (making it feel more like 92). I dressed like it was fall today. I’m even wearing an awesome gray sweater over this (not pictured) because my chilly office gives me the feeling of fall/winter everyday. At least there’s that. Regardless, there always has to be a pop of color.

fall. gray with a pop of coral.

Sigh. But the coming fall means that time is passing, my girls are getting older and the holidays are coming.

For now though, I’ll just daydream about living somewhere with seasons–real seasons that involve leaves changing and the need to buy appropriate clothes for the winter.

I’m daydreaming about college football (yes, I like it), going to the pumpkin patch, the smell of the autumn night breeze, pumpkin filled treats, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and cool days perfect for a chilly run.

And don’t forget my Christmas playlist. It makes me happy and usually debuts around October, which means by December I’m a bit over it. But that’s ok. Yes, I’m the girl who gets excited about holiday displays in September.

Soon enough.


4 thoughts on “Where I will it to be Fall.

  1. I cannot wait until Fall. Spring is my favorite season, but there is something so cozy and magical about Fall. I am already knitting, and really want a pumplin spice latte. Living in the burbs outside of Dallas, I can relate to the heat. No winters here, just cool summers!

  2. Wow Jess. After reading your blog, I must say that I, too, am ready for autumn to arrive. By the way, cute outfit! =-)

  3. Ehhhh ok. Maybe by the end of September I’ll be ready for fall. The weather here already feels like it anyway, so I guess the only thing that needs to change is the calendar and my attitude!

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