I am Austin Fit. {Marathon Training Week 2}

This was the second week of marathon training.  I started my morning out at the office. Yup, I’m crazy. I went in to the office at 6:30 in the morning because I figured I might as well catch up on work since everyone was asleep, why not? Yeah…

Off to run 3 miles then back to work.  I didn’t think that out very well considering I’m running a 5k tomorrow morning WITH Allie. Hello, nap time!

Today we did a 3 mile run with our pace group on the Lady Bird Lake trail. I don’t generally run the trails because it’s much more convenient to run in my neighborhood, but the view is always nice and there are tons of runners out. The one thing that I do notice when I run on the trails is that I’m much more cautious about my steps because I’m terrified I’m gonna bite the gravel and slip under myself. Seriously, I can picture it.

I thought I got to training right on time but the pace groups were already heading out when I walked up.  I ended up heading out with the 11:30 minute per mile group. It went well. I had no idea what the “run-walk-run” interval method was (I just thought it was me getting tired so I walk) but it’s a thing. Who knew?

Apparently Jeff Galloway did.

Tangent: Jeff Galloway went on a quest for injury-free training and came up with the Galloway training method and has run over 120 marathons.  He’s also the official go-to guy for runDisney when it comes to training. I’m super intrigued and plan to buy and actually read a couple of his books.  I’m super bummed that I didn’t get to meet him when he came to Austin a couple months ago.

The point of interval training–and Austin Fit– is to help you get to race day.  Such a novel idea huh? Common sense is invaluable.  Interval training is all about keeping you healthy and injury free so that you can even start the race.  As runners, we push too hard, get hurt and then we’re out of commission come race day ::cough cough, me::  or we have to take weeks off to recover and we get discouraged when we have to take it down a notch.

I really liked the way Austin Fit sent out (at least) two coaches with each pace group because they stayed with us the whole time. While we were out on the trails and saw the earlier pace groups, they’d all happily cheer “Go Austin Fit!”  So cute. Loved it.

We did interval training by running for 5 minutes then we would walk for 1 minute–now I know why Austin Fit suggested we bring a watch for running on Saturdays.  Luckily my coach had one and she would let us know when the 5 minutes was up. Funny enough, the time seemed to fly by and I didn’t feel tired at all. I felt good and was able to talk to her and learn a lot about the interval training.

There were a couple people in my pace group that are doing a race in January, too, so that will help when I have to do add on mileage and the rest of the group is still ramping up for Austin Marathon in February.  Looks like December is going to be super fun (sarcasm font) and filled with lots of miles.

I kept thinking how awesome it would be if I could stick with this and be a coach in a couple of seasons. I know, I know, one step at a time-literally.  But really, how cool would that be? Hit me up, Coach Jennifer.  Anyway, because I felt so good after the run I felt like maybe I would be able to move up to a slightly faster pace group.  I talked to the head coach for Orange Group (11:00+ min/mile), Linda, and was confident that I could easily hang with the 11 minute milers. Ten minutes running, 1 minute walking. Sure, why not? I can handle that.

Then I started reading about the Galloway method and the idea of going out and training at least 2 minutes slower than your average pace. Well then…I may have to revisit my idea. It’s only the second week (technically the first real run) and I’m sure I’ll bounce pace groups between now and race day.

Either way, the run felt good and my new knowledge will help keep me on track.

Week two down, only 20 weeks till race day.


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