What I’m Listening to Now {& you should too + Giveaway!}

It’s been a good music month for me. Music makes me happy so I like to just veg out and relax with my headphones and space out on Pinterest. That’s my happy place, when I’m not running.  Self care people, it can be as simple as turning on the tunes and zoning out for a few minutes.  It may not be meditation, but it is a good escape and one of the few things I’ll spend my money on (besides coffee) on a regular basis.

I am obviously pretty broad in my interests so here’s the top 4 in my iTunes playlist right now. And you have a chance to win a free album too!

John Mayer: Paradise Valley1. ::angels singing & birds chirping:: John Mayer– Paradise Valley.  I’ve been waiting for this album for AGES. Ok well since he announced it earlier this year. But then we went to the concert in July and omg I needed the new music NOW.  I’m a dork and so I had to wait old school style for the actual CD (compact disc for those of you who don’t own any) and my new “Mayer is Back” tank top. Yes, I’m that dork.

It’s awesome. But I would say that if John Mayer sang the phone book.  To be fair, it’s a bit more upbeat and happy than most of his older stuff, but he’s in love with Katy Perry and she’s hot, so what do you expect?  But it’s good when you want to be put in a great mood.

I’m still a fan of Continuum and Born & Raised.  Well, actually I’ll listen to all of them, I don’t discriminate when it comes to John Mayer.


2. Ben RectorThe Walking in Between. How did I not know this guy? He’s amazing and so are his lyrics. I’ve already pinned like 3 of his songs because they are just that awesome. He’s got great vocals and I would love to see him in concert. I highly recommend checking him out.  Currently “If You Can Hear Me” is my thought provoking song of the moment.

3. Tim McGraw– Two Lanes of Freedom. This guy is amazing. He’s one of those people like George Strait that can just keep making music and just keep hitting it out of the park every time. In full disclosure, I went to download “Highway Don’t Care” (featuring Taylor Swift) and ended up getting the whole album because it’s classic Tim.  I also love “Truck Yeah” and it’s totally on my running list. All I need is a bandana.

4. Luke BryanCrash My Party. If you are even 1/10 country, then you know Luke Bryan.  “Crash My Party” the title track is obviously my favorite, but “Drink a Beer” is a relaxing and chill song too–but it’s so awesome and still has meaning.  Ok, Luke Bryan, I will drink a Dos Equis just for you!

And just for fun, I’ll share my favorite Luke Bryan meme (because we’ve all done this before):

Not right now, Luke Bryan. I'm lost

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of Courtyard Hounds to review. All of these opinions are mine and I was not compensated for them. But I do get to share with you!

Courtyard Hounds-Amelita5. Courtyard Hounds– Amelita. Never heard of them? Me either.  But actually you have. They are 2/3 of the Dixie Chicks (Emily Robison & Martie Maguire).  I got to try this album courtesy of One2One Network and Columbia Records, and let me tell you: it is awesome. Super good. It just came out on July 16 of this year.

I was really pleasantly surprised, especially because I had no idea who they were until I started listening. It’s upbeat, the girls’ voices are beautiful that you can just say ahhhh.  The slow songs are beautiful but then…

There’s all the guitar and banjo and stuff (not musically educated) that give the songs a beat that make them easy to move to.  There’s almost a rock component to the country that makes you think they could easily cross over if they wanted to.


“Sunshine” (their first single) is awesome and so happy. You can’t help but bob your head and dance along.

I think my favorite is “The World Smiles.” There’s just something about it that makes you hopeful.

We go on, pretending, the whole world is ending. We follow the tragic and forgo the magic.

I’m done yeah, I’m through with singing the blues and the burning, the best things in life are free…

Even in the dark just wait and see… The world smiles, the world smiles at me.

If I believe in the good stuff and open my eyes up, the world smiles…

Sometimes I just don’t know when to fight or when to let it go…I won’t let the question bring me down.

I won’t quote the whole song, but just check it out. I guarantee you’ll love it.

They will easily become one of my new favorites and I’m pretty sure I want to see them when they come to Austin in October–they’re even performing at Austin City Limits Festival! Congrats to them for that.

You know I love sharing the music love because there’s no such thing as too much music.  So here goes!

Want to win a free copy of Amelita  and a poster? All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what the last album you bought was. This one will be a quickie and I’ll pick a winner on Monday, August 26.



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