How to Create Bliss in a Box

Extra Space sent me a moving kit that had a bunch of boxes and moving supplies. No, I’m not moving anywhere, but I figured I could do fun stuff with them. They didn’t compensate me. My opinions on cardboard boxes and how to use them are my own.

I’m not what you’d call crafty. I mean, I can do crafty things if you believe my Pinterest boards. But when it comes to putting the scissors to the fabric, well it just doesn’t usually happen. That and I’m usually monkey wrangling so it’s hard to organize a craft for the big girl when the little girl can’t join in the fun and she starts flailing around and screaming like King Kong or throwing tiny little beads everywhere she can manage.

Ava’s been playing with her Barbies a ton lately (yay for being a kid!) and they’ve outgrown the house and spilled out all over her floor. Usually to be stepped on by me when I walk in to say goodnight. It’s pretty much the equivalent of stepping on legos, but instead of tiny blocks, they are jagged little high heels and purses.

from cardboard to Barbie World

Enter the Extra Space Storage Moving Kit (10+ boxes and other moving supplies like bubble wrap, tape and the packing unit for the tape) and the creative juices were flowing! I CAN BE THE CRAFTY MOM ON PINTEREST! Bwahaha, ok well in my head I had grand visions of doing awesome things.

Luckily the shipment came just in time for Ava’s first sleepover. Score! I didn’t have to plan an activity to keep them busy. She and her friend got to paint and create a whole Barbie world that night. You would have thought I was a crafty, organized mom or something!

We cut the top sides off of the “buildings” so she can close them still but the flaps don’t get in the way. Then the girls had a blast painting their “artwork” and we attached string for them to hang them in their rooms. I lined the “walls” and “floor” with fabric we bought at Hobby Lobby and Ava filled them with the right accessories.

The result was a huge success. I’m not Picasso, but the seven year olds were pretty impressed with my skills. Ava now has a Barbie Boutique, a Doctor’s Office, and a Restaurant.

Even Allie was able to get in on the painting action. She totally ruined her shirt, but it was hilarious and she had a blast. Paint + a toddler is a recipe for disaster, but luckily we have tile floors and washable paint.

Then there was Allie’s “tunnel”. We patched together several of the large boxes using the super sturdy packing tape and the girls thought it was the most amazing thing. Allie immediately made herself at home and had a snack of animal crackers while the girls ate their pizza. Apparently it’s great storage for strollers and hiding out so Allie digs it–Ava does too.


But I think by far, their favorite thing was the one activity that Ava’s been begging to do since she first saw people in our neighborhood doing it. Sledding–Texas style on a cardboard box. Klassy!

We don’t get snow here folks. We have dirt and dead grass in the summer. It’s also 80 bajillion degrees so now she understands why I told her I wouldn’t take her out till the fall, but since it was a brisk 78 yesterday morning and I had the day off, a cup of coffee, and a whole day of entertaining them ahead of me, off we went.

I’m either a moron or a klutz because I kept trying to slide and I just got stuck. But not Ava. Once Ava got in the groove she had a BLAST. I used Duck Tape to make handles for her to hold on to (because I’m not some crazy mom who just sends her daughter flying down a hill without some support) and off she went.

I have a feeling this will be a regular thing in the fall when it’s cooler and Allie is a bit older. She was timid (shocker) and didn’t really get into it. But it did get us outside and exploring through the trails and that is a good thing. Exercise burns off the energy, my friends! Both girls were zapped when we got home and it was only 10:00am. WIN!

Texas style sledding

I’ve still got some boxes left. One is being filled for donation to the local women’s shelter. Got any fun ideas that I can use for the rest of the boxes???


4 thoughts on “How to Create Bliss in a Box

  1. Save a big one until January… by then I’ll really be missing you… So then you squish yourself into the box and have someone postage and mail you to me.

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