Good Milk Gone Bad {& how to clean it}

Allie and I commute to work and school together. That also means that I’m trying to get her to finish her breakfast on the way to school some days. As a toddler, you never know what she’ll eat and some days she decides she only wants a bag of popcorn (not exaggerating).  So getting her to drink her milk in the morning makes me feel at least half a step better about my food parenting.

When you have a toddler, you do what you gotta do.

Until the milk spills and the tears aren’t far behind.

Allie’s half full sippy cup of chocolate milk was sitting on its side in the truck (drinking side up) and it managed to leak all over the truck. Did I mention that I live in Texas?  And we are on a streak of 17 days of 100 degree temps in a row?  Go ahead and take a whiff as you envision that. Then go ahead and vom.

It was BAD. Crazy bad. I went to the grocery store and picked up some scrubbing carpet cleaner while the girl was at ballet. It didn’t work.

I took the truck to be detailed.  Lots of dollars later it still stunk.

That’s when I hit up my online people.  ODO BAN! They said. And I listened and drove straight to Home Depot at lunch.  I bought the spray, some magical odor absorbing rocks, and a little plastic jar of scented odor absorber.


So here’s the deal:

1) Don’t leave milk in your vehicle.

2) Too late? Ok, that’s why you’re here. Get a damp towel and blot all of the stench out.

3) Spray the Odo Ban LIBERALLY all over the area, the seats, and if it’s as bad as my truck was, spray it into the ceiling too. If you buy the rocks, crack those open and throw them under the seat.

4) Baking soda. Honestly, I think this was the key to getting the odor out. I didn’t see stellar results right away from step 3, so I grabbed baking soda from the cabinet and doused the truck. Let it sit.  It’ll clump and that’s ok.

5) Spray, douse, repeat.

6) Vacuum it up and relax because you won’t have to burn your truck! YAY!

Sigh. Don’t let my truck odor be in vain–never leave a sippy in a hot vehicle.  But if you do (because, obviously) good luck and hope this works for you.

How to Clean Spoiled Milk

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For the record, none of those are sponsored links and no one paid me to use their products. All the money was made off of me this time.


5 thoughts on “Good Milk Gone Bad {& how to clean it}

  1. 17 days of 100+ degree temps? UGH.

    Glad you finally got the smell out. I can only imagine how nasty it was in your car with the heat.

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