Food & Freaky Dolls {Week in pictures}

So I had several posts to write but my schedule has gotten in the way. I seriously need to figure out a way to make writing daily work. Waking up early isn’t my favorite, but lack of options an it is quiet….

It was an interesting week. Not as fun as three days on the border with a bunch of horses, but my job is definitely not boring.

Here are my highlights.

The yum. Burgerfi just opened in Austin. Holy yum. And for the record I ate all of that. * I’ve discovered a new vice. Costco Mickey Mouse animal crackers with Trader Joe’s cookie butter. All I can say is it’s a good thing they open in Austin soon. * I bought a block of cheese to share with my work sister, Heather. She wasn’t lying. Irish cheese is good! * Friday lunch date at Red Lobster. Biscuits (many) and buttery rich crab Alfredo for the win. The crown and coke didn’t hurt either.

The random. This is one of those posts to come. I’ll just preface by saying don’t leave milk in your vehicle in the Texas heat.

The rest. Another post to come (that I’ll be needing help with)- a possible new joint venture. 501(c)(3) anyone? * Hobby Lobby is an evil vortex that sucks you in and spots you out. It leaves you thinking you need to redecorate and that you can make anything out of some twine and tulle. I don’t even own a sewing machine, by the way. * I did get a bunch of goodies for Ava’s sleepover and yet another pending post. Barbie condos FTW. * I did make a fleece blanket and I’d say it was a total win.

Oh! That creepy doll. Found that at HL too. I’m not weird, it’s going to a new home where it’ll be fiercely loved and will hopefully scare the crap out of many. I’m a total chicken sh!t so I’m living vicariously through Jen. If you haven’t heard of @thenextmartha, do yourself a favor and check out her blog. She’s the queen of Halloween. And she’s so awesome she won a contest to be the Target Champ from those Christmas commercials. Trust me, check her out.


4 thoughts on “Food & Freaky Dolls {Week in pictures}

    • LOL. Yeah….it was definitely not a good thing. I’ll have to share what worked for me because otherwise we would have had to burn the truck.

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