Multitasking in the 21st Century.

Last night I went out for a run because I was exhausted–go to bed at 8:00 tired, which is unacceptable.  So I decided to suck it up and head out for a run.  In true Jess multitasker form, I was running, editing my running playlist, and parenting my kid from my iPhone while I was sweating my face off (don’t worry, dad was home). So much for a “peaceful and solitary” run.

Ava has become the QUEEN of procrastinating bedtime. And also bucking the system because apparently she is not subject to bedtime rules or something since she’s reading and OMG how can I discourage reading?!

“Give them an inch and they’ll walk ALL over you.”  < < truth

Until last night when she got cut off, because seriously? ENOUGH.

Things, they’ll be a-changin’ soon. Get ready. Go go gadget Pinterest parenting/chore chart printables!


And before you ask, no she doesn’t have an iPhone but she does have my ancient cracked iPod that she can use to text her dad and me. And yes she’s allowed to have it in her room at night because she uses it for white noise.

She does make for some funny texts.

And also I’m open to chore ideas. So far I’ve got the usual stuff, but if you have ideas that are outside the box, please share!


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