cathedrals & horses. my week {in pictures}

This week was pretty unique for me. I started off on my way back from a work trip, then I came back, got a billion things done in a day and a half then headed out of town for work again. My job is awesome. I have a boss that lets me get my hands dirty and experience lots of things and I absolutely love it. I get to do all types of things that a private practice lawyer (or any other type of government lawyer) doesn’t really get to do. I appreciate that.

I spent 2 nights on the border with Mexico (for work). It was like a mini version of home, except much smaller. The food was still fantastic and the experience was great. Funny enough the hotel was WAY better than the hotel we stayed at on the Riverwalk in San Antonio (another post on that coming soon), even if there was no Starbucks within 60 miles–literally. And who knew I’d have a new friend out of it? People get placed in your path for a reason. I’ve also possibly got the startings of a 501(c)(3) to help cancer patients. More on that as it develops.

This fallout shelter in St. Mary’s Catholic Church (across from our hotel) * San Fernando Cathedral & museum (where Travis & Crockett are buried) * before and after hair (Jose Luis Salon FTW!)

Here are some highlights from my week starting off in San Antonio, my fab salon in Austin, on the road in Eagle Pass (I’m pretty sure my boots were crying because they aren’t actually “go out into the world and actually step in horse crap and dirt” boots, but more “wear with skinnies and look cute because it’s too warm in Texas for them to really be needed with cute sweater socks” boots. I decided I definitely want real boots. But I don’t actually want to work on a farm. Or raise animals. I just like the boots. And the experience of visiting.


Mexican goodies at the gas station * amazing Mexican restaurant * work Jess wears boots * HOME!

After a long week, I started Friday off late with some coffee, then headed out with Allie for a quick mall trip after work. The week is done, let the relaxing begin. Inside of course. Unless I’m out running.


it’s still super hot in Texas * it was a Coffee Bean-bean&cheese-Jess special tacos kind of morning * first official ornament purchase of the year * jamming out to Selena at Allie’s request * taking my test work seriously (new Cosmos Creations flavors)



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