Wordy Wednesday: John Mayer Edition.

So if you follow me on social media at all, you know I went to Dallas this weekend and had a cousin excursion with the fabulous Brandon. Here’s a peek.  Stay tuned for “Life According to John Mayer” because that post is so so coming.


so it begins! * Czech stop pepperoni kolache * apparently granny does karaoke parties * me and the Bushes * my beautiful SMU

We were very lucky and got to check out the Live Nation Gexa Energy Pavilion Premium seats with our VIP passes. OMG. That’s the only way to see a concert when you’re in Dallas. You get to hang out in an air conditioned and shaded lounge (but also outside so you can take in the fresh air) where you can have zero wait for drinks. AND, they had an amazing spread of deliciousness to eat. It was heavenly. AND nice bathrooms.  Thanks so much Morgan!

Not only that, but I finally got to meet my sweet Erica (FYI she’s an amazing doula in Dallas if you need one). After numerous trips to Dallas and never getting to hook up, of all places, I got to hug her face at the John Mayer concert. Then he started early and we literally ran back to our seats.

The concert was AMAZING. AH.MAZE.ING. I can’t say that enough. And he played all 3 of my favorite songs and swore it was because he must have seen my tweet earlier asking him to play “Neon” and “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.”  Whatever, it made me happy.


VIP at the Gexa Energy Pavilion (so awesome, thanks Morgan!) * inspiration for new hair color * just me and the breeze * MY ERICA!!! * is this my Pegasus? * JOHN MAYER

After a long night at the concert because John played for 2 and a half HOURS, we headed and went on our way. Slowly, because tons of traffic. And a bunch of drunk kids on our shuttle. So after they went upstairs, not sure why I’d be embarrassed by them, I posed with the Pegasus at the Magnolia Hotel.  Luckily the elevators (that are probably about 1,000 years old) made it up because the drunk girl and her boyfriend who got on the elevator with us looked like it might be cutting it close to get her to her room without a vomtastrophe.  **I WAS NOT THE DRUNK GIRL**

Jock Ewing * THE pool where Season 2 was filmed * bathroom selfie with Sue Ellen * brand new baby longhorn * just going into Elena's cottage

Jock Ewing * THE pool where Season 2 was filmed * bathroom selfie with Sue Ellen * brand new baby longhorn * just going into Elena’s cottage

The tour of South Fork Ranch was awesome.  First off, it was 68 degrees. In July. In Texas. AND it was raining. I was in heaven.  When I said I was freezing, a woman from England laughed and said that it was like this daily for them.  Yup, but here it’s usually 100 with humidity, so yeah.  Anyway they are filming all of the current season here so it was exciting to see where “they found J.R.’s body” and go into “Elena’s cottage.”  If you love Dallas, you have to go. I want to go back in September after they start filming again, because duh.

So there you have it!!



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