Lately…I have been around, thoughts, words, no time to write them. Happy stuff, running stuff, parenting stuff, just stuff. Other than this.

I’m currently throwing around the idea of a writing space. A desk, a pretty work area. So far, the only thing I’ve come up with is the desk my cousin left when he moved out in the sparsely filled guest room. Not ideal, but it’s got a door.

I don’t want to sacrifice my lunch time to go sit at Starbucks and write because I’d rather run. Running time is even more precious than writing time. Maybe just like everything I need to schedule it and just do it. Maybe I need to wake up early and sit outside in the morning air.

Lately I’ve been running at lunch. I said I wouldn’t because it would be too hot, but sweat be damned. It’s worth it. I love the rush and I love the time. I’m working towards 13.1 on July 27. I better put in the miles sometime.

Lately I’ve been more down than up. The ones who know me know that. The ones who know give me the space and send their love anyway, no expectations, no pressure.

I’m around, but I’m not. Classic avoider that I am, it’s easier to get wrapped up in a million things or to detach from social media and my phone than to say I’m not feeling awesome.

The excitement of last week has waned. It’s hard to be excited when there are more lows than highs. It’s hard to be up when you wait around because suddenly you might crash down.

20130701-202505.jpgLately it’s hotter than should be legal. It was 105 on Saturday, I wasn’t dumb enough to go running. But we did get out to a baseball game yesterday and despite the heat, we definitely have two new baseball fans in our family.

Lately I’m counting down till the John Mayer concert and exploring new music.

Lately I’m just hoping each day is better than the last.


5 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. Is the John Mayer concert before or after your 1/2 ? And you are so going to smoke me in January. I chose wine, sushi and Mexican instead of my two recent training runs. Blech.

    xoxo to you ….

  2. I totally get the detaching from social media when things are hard… thing. Because duh, more often than not, I do it. But that’s OK! Ups and downs are part of life and healing and acceptance of what you can’t control. You’re working. You’ve got this.


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