This week hasn’t been my best. It’s been a roller coaster of depression/anxiety/stress and overall exhaustion (thanks toddler!). I blogged it on Monday a few words at a time (literally) and then didn’t post. I didn’t have the energy. I didn’t have the words. It sounded worse than it probably was.

Then there was today.

I met someone who I think (and hope) will change my life. ::ok daytime emmy::

No really. I do.

I met with a new counselor today and for the first time in a long time, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I see hope and I can’t even put into words how giddy I am at the prospect that someone can truly help me be better. Be me. Be Jess again.

I am so thankful for the connections and the friends in my life that care enough to look out for me. To tell me when I’m not ok. To patiently listen to the crazy, to the self-absorbed blahblahblah.

I have hope.

I am happy.


5 thoughts on “Hope.

  1. Finding people in our lives, professional or otherwise, that can help you out in times of need are key. I’m glad that you have hopefully found one of those people in your new counselor.

  2. Hey, Daytime Emmy… just want you to know I love you the way you are today. And I want you to be the happiest you can be. And I think you’re smart and pretty and nice.

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