Shopping while Delirious.

Yesterday I had plans. I was going to leave a bit early, run, get the girls settled and attend a celebration of life.

Then the headache and back pain started (mine). And I left early to lay on the floor while Allie played around me.

Then all plans were definitely off when Allie threw up during dinner and immediately begged for a bath. She was find after that, other than she kept crying,”I throw up mama!” Thank goodness for a wonderful coworker who is like family because I swear I went stupid for a minute and wasn’t sure what to do with Allie.

During splash day, she must have been as sweet as nectar because the mosquitoes got her good. Her bites had turned into welts. She was miserable. FYI Orajel seems to work better than cortisone cream to give her relief.

She finally went to bed, but was up a couple hours later. She was restless and barely stayed asleep. Which means neither did I.

In a nutshell, I’m exhausted. The poor girl was miserable and out of an abundance of caution, there was no letting her cry. I even promised her donuts this morning in exchange for a short stint in the crib. Breakfast taken care of with a bonus for Ava’s teachers. It’s so awesome it’s like I planned it.

This morning while paying Allie in donuts, I was so tired I bought these:
20130621-100019.jpgI don’t even know what they are but rational Jess was distracted by the beautiful Whataburger end cap display of ketchup and mustard at HEB. I’m a potato chip/French fry fiend. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Luckily I had Ava reminding me to make her some homemade pinto beans and I had enough sense to buy a jar of Pace to make Tonja’s salsa chicken for dinner. My mouth is already watering. It’s so easy, here’s the recipe: frozen chicken breasts, any seasoning, toss in some salsa and cook on simmer or in the crock pot for a while. You’re welcome.

Thank goodness for a planned day off to take Allie to her yearly check up. And Law & Order marathons because that’s the only thing on daytime tv that doesn’t suck. So with that, it’s nap time in our house. Happy Friday.
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2 thoughts on “Shopping while Delirious.

  1. Oh poor sweet babe. Puking isn’t fun. That always happens when you hurt yourself ore just as sick as they are. It’s the law of parenting physics.
    Are those chips or fries?

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