Pumpkins & Poop {BabiesRUs #Giveaway!} (CLOSED)

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With your first baby, you buy the very best, most expensive, premium diapers because, duh, it’s your baby and she has to poop and pee in the finest diaper that I’ll be changing every hour on the hour!  The other weird thing about moms, especially new ones, it’s the only time in your life that you find it exciting/cute/not revolting (mostly) when your kid poops. Who knew? They have to be cute at that age to make up for the non-stop demands those little monkeys make.

Anyway, as a new mom I carried the diaper bag o’plenty and always carried a change of clothes, extra wipes, extra soap, you name it. That wears off with your second, I was lucky if I had an extra onesie, but I always had a huge pack of wipes and extra diapers.


Allie was just shy of 5 months old and I had planned our second annual trip to the Sweet Berry Farms pumpkin patch with my best pal, Heather, and her big boy, Jack.  I put Allie in the most frilly and cute outfit she owned (it was a gift, I suck at buying the girls cute clothes–I’m weird and practical like that) and got her ready to go have her picture taken with Ava next to a giant bin of pumpkins.  Because, duh, why else do you go to a pumpkin patch? PICTURES.

Damn I love fall.

Seeing as how I had a baby and Ava never sleeps in, I was up at the crack of dawn so we got our Starbucks and headed there early. While waiting for our friends, Ava and I walked around, she painted a pumpkin and we looked at some animals. Lovely.

Allie sat like the cute girl she is in her stroller and quietly looked around behaving like an angel.

About that time, Heather rolled in and we did some more walking and sweat our faces off picking flowers.  Then Ava saw the horses. Sure, why not have a pony ride?  So we waited in line for Ava’s turn.  I got my big old camera out, got my phone (instant gratification–better for texting/Facebooking), and we got our cash so she could hop on.

Allie was quiet so I decided to pick her up to watch Ava ride the horse.

And this, my friends, is where it gets ugly.  If you don’t do well with bodily functions, go ahead and sign off now, because…that’s when it happened.

Oh. Crap. Literally.

Allie had blown out her beautiful little pink ruffles (see above) and she did it with a vengenance. Not just a little, but a lot. It was EVERYWHERE.  E.VE.RY.WHERE.

The car seat, her back, her legs, me, you name it and it was covered in poop.  And Ava was next in line for her pony ride. OH JOY.

Ava thought it was hilarious. That’s what 5 year olds do when poop is involved. Somehow I managed to maintain my composure (mostly) despite the growing audience of people watching as Ava cackled in amusement and my disgust and the dripping poop.  I got the now yellow clothes off Allie without completely covering her in poop. WIN!

I wiped her down with as many wipes as possible and I managed to change her diaper in the car seat–without covering her in more. All while Ava got ready to go on her ride.  Once Ava was done and all the pictures had been taken, I managed to wrangle a onesie onto Allie and continued to wipe down the car seat.

That, my friends, is when you call it a day and you give your apologies to your company and you make a bee line for the car. I was super bummed because I missed out on delicious pie and country cooking at the Blue Bonnet Cafe and had to settle for some chicken strips at the Golden Chick–yup, it’s as not awesome as it sounds. At some point, you have to throw in the towel and call it a day.

Let me give you a little tip, parents: make sure that your diapers  offer long-lasting leakage protection. This is where the Huggies SnugFit Waistband would have come in handy.

Needless to say, that very next week Allie’s daycare teacher had suggested I buy Allie diapers that were bigger and fit her better and more snugly. I hadn’t realized that she had outgrown her tiny size 1 diapers and it was time to move it on up. Oops.  Amateur move by a pro. Eh well.


Now that you’ve made it through the poop and the pumpkins, you have a chance at winning a $50 gift card to Babies R Us! Just leave me a comment telling me your most unforgettable diaper experience.  There’s way more chances to win, so go at it!

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Sorry Canadian friends, this one is for U.S. folks only. You have to provide your contact info within 24 hours of winning, so if you might be on a European cruise, be sure you check your email.

The giveaway ends June 25, 2013 so HURRY!

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48 thoughts on “Pumpkins & Poop {BabiesRUs #Giveaway!} (CLOSED)

  1. I remember when my sons were newborns and they would pee straight up in the air when we would open their diapers to change them. We had to duck or get squirted!

  2. one day I had my niece at the mall and I forgot to bring a change of diapers. I had to run into the nearest store and buy a small towel until i could get her home

  3. I was so sleepy and tired one night when I changed my son’s diaper and in the dark( don’t cut on lights because he thinks it is time to play) and my silly self was putting the diaper on inside out meaning the side that did not catch anything. All the time I am thinking I am going to have to write the diaper company because they let a bad batch of diapers get into the market and not that i was putting the diaper on hold. Needless to say the next morning, I had to change bedding from pillows to bedding and I also clip fingernails because somebody had them a playtime in poop!

    • EWWW That definitely takes the cake! Yeah I always avoid lights in the middle of the night. I don’t want to fully wake the beast. That’s hilarious about thinking that it was the diaper’s fault 🙂

  4. I remember when my son was crawling and I had to be really quick about changing him – he would crawl off and the diaper would slide off of his booty!

  5. Oh for us it was when we put a swim diaper on Carter instead of a regular diaper. We were wondering why the high chair was soaking wet after dinner…and realized it was a swim diaper! We had to laugh! 🙂

  6. We were at a restaurant one time and my sons diaper exploded. We had to change his diaper on the floor in the bathroom there was no where else to do it.

    • Isn’t that horrible when places don’t have changing tables? I get certain stores that are really little but restaurants? It shouldn’t be that intrusive to screw a changing table into the wall.

  7. probably my son pooping everywhere the other day in the doctors office and I forgot my diaper bag…

  8. With my 2nd daughter, I remember when she was a baby, she was so chunky she changed the diaper size quickly. There were times when my mother would carry my baby and as soon as she did, silently my little girl did her poopy explosions. Once She realized she my babys back was covered in her own poopy, my mom would give the biggest scream !! She didn’t like being in the situation b/c she knew she would get it on her clothes and hands. But later she would just laugh and made sure to check up her back just in case !

  9. I was in Northpark Mall with my kids. We were looking at the fountains. When I picked my youngest up from the stroller because they wanted to get out, I noticed that there were brown stains in the stroller seat. I turned him around to see that his clothes, top and bottom, were brown. I then put him back in the stoller and head to the bathroom. I get him in the bathroom and lay him on the changing table. I take off his clothes and begin to clean him up. As soon as I take off his diaper, poop shoots out like water being shot from a water gun. It was all over the mirrors in the bathroom, the changing table, his clean outfit that I was going to put on him, his shoes, and the floor. I was mortified, embarrased and at Northpark Mall! The cleaning people were nice and helped me clean up the mess. At that time, my oldest told me that he had to go poop. I managed to clean my youngest and take my oldest to the bathroom. Then I had to walk through the mall with my youngest only in a diaper to go to baby GAP to buy him a new outfit. After I purchased the clothes, I promptly left the mall.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG. That’s so horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES! I never knew that. And at Northpark of all places. HAHAHAHA

  10. Today! At the pool! I am so thankful for swim diapers, but they don’t keep it all in. Especially if it’s runny baby poo. It went all down her leg, onto my bottle of water, her sippy cup and all over the white lounge chair. I had to take her in the shower and spray her down. Didn’t help that she slipped four times while trying to get her cleaned up. I caught her, but I felt like a horrible mother!

  11. The worst diaper blow out ever was B’s first Easter. It was at church. We were all dressed up and I think poop got on all 3 of us – B, Hubby, and me! It was awful. It got everywhere and we didn’t have a change of clothing (we were still newbie parents). We finally got his diaper changed and just wrapped him in a blanket for the ride home.

  12. When my older son was just a couple of weeks old, he was laying on my chest on his stomach in nothing but a diaper. All of a sudden, he pooped so forcefully that his diaper jumped and poo shot out everywhere. It was horrifying, especially for a new mom who’d never dealt with poop-splosions before!

  13. The last trip we went on, my son’s diaper leaked out and it got all in the car seat! I felt so bad for him!

  14. The first time I changed my oldest son’s diaper I put it on backwards. I had never changed a baby before. My husband, the oldest of 7, had to show me how.

  15. The day that all I had was size one diapers and had to put them on my size three daughter, till her dad got home that night with some new ones. She leaked all day and it was just a long, gross day.

  16. My son was about 3 or 4 months old and was breastfeeding and unfortunately the diaper was not snug and he went to the bathroom all over me ughhh! It was so disgusting…I almost threw up…LOL!

  17. One night I was very tired and sleepy that I didn’t realized I had put two diapers on my baby,I found until the next morning

  18. The first summer with my son, I didn’t realize swim diapers are not absorbent, that they’re only for holding poo. We put one on my son before going to the lake and he and his car seat were soaked by the time we got there. Now I know better!!


  19. Oh my goodness, give a baby Pedialyte and you will have the greenest, slimiest poopy diaper! I am still grossed out!!

  20. One time we went on a day trip and did not bring enough diapers so I had to use one of my shirts till we got home.

  21. Proudly running around the house showing everyone what he had done, really tested my gag reflex.

  22. The best one I have is that as we were getting ready to leave the hospital with our first child, I was changing his diaper and as I started to put the new one on he projectile pooped all over my shirt and pants! Definitely a learning experience on how to be fast or get messed on 🙂

  23. one time i went to the mall and forgot extra diapers. i went up to the first person i saw with a baby and asked them for one. luckily they had one and were nice enough to give it to me. I was pretty embarassed

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