The Crib Loving Toddler.

Fotor0617195341This weekend we went to DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) for my cousin’s wedding. It was a great idea, in theory. Like all the best plans. We were going to the George W. Bush Presidential Library (more on that later), we would see family, hang out, have fun. We did most of those things.

The problem? My kid hates sleeping anywhere but her crib. Or on me.

Ava loved sleeping with us. She’d still sleep with us any chance she gets. But Allie was never one to hop in and fall asleep. Ever, not even as a baby.  It’s quite the bummer when sometimes you just want to snuggle a little sick baby.

It’s a REAL bummer any time you go on vacation and you’ve got a kid that won’t sleep in a pack and play or in bed with you. She sleeps for a couple hour stretches, after being “rocked” to sleep. Then later, rinse, repeat.  It means that there is sleep for none of us. It’s not fun.

When that happens, you learn where the nearest Starbucks is, you make best friends with the free hotel waffles, and you find and wander Target as soon as it opens at 8:00.

I guess once she gets into a toddler bed this won’t be such an issue. I hope. Maybe.  At least that makes the decision to move her to a toddler bed easy–we won’t. Ever.

Till then, I am the human pool noodle keeping my kid from falling out of the bed while she sleeps.


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