Right now.

I’m sitting in bed watching trash, Real Housewives of New Jersey, to be exact. I don’t do the Bachelor, Bachelorette, or any of the singing shows. I also like random stuff like Property Wars. And Mad Men. Or Border Wars.

I’m happy I got to get out and run at lunch. It’s been a few days and I needed it. Badly. Going running outside is like free therapy. I didn’t push it too hard because it was 90 degrees with humidity which means heat stroke, yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially me.

Two of my big projects are mostly done. But there are still a few components to them. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so there’s that.

I’m texting with a friend that I’ve never met *technically* but am ecstatic that after how many years (?) we will finally get to meet up when Heather and I fight over her during her *hopefully* visit later this fall.

I’m super glad to have someone like T at work that is like a second mom to me. I can go to her, vent to her, ask her advice. People like her are hard to come by–especially when family is…far away.

I’m reflecting on a job I hated that brought me to a woman who has become my best friend. She has become a confidant, a mentor, a motivator, a sister. We’re pretty much forced to work together at the same agency. Always. I decided.

I’m thankful for easy dinners like pizzadillas that the girls love and require no effort on my part.

I’m thinking about how grateful I am that I’ve showered, ironed, gotten stuff ready for the exit tomorrow morning, and an early bedtime.

I’m thinking that it’s been an incredibly stressful couple of weeks and I’m glad I have the support to get through them without cracking.

I’m thinking that it’s just 32 days till Brandon and I have JBJM weekend when we drive to Dallas, stay at a nifty hotel, cab it to the Gexa Pavilion Dallas to chill at the VIP Lounge (THANK YOU MORGAN!), and see John Mayer and Phillip Phillips in concert. EX.CITE.D. If we meet anyone that is anyone (JOHN MAYER OR PHILLIP PHILLIPS) there will be tears. And a crap ton of pictures.

And right now I’m gonna disconnect so I can wind down for the goal I set of a 9:00 bedtime. I’ll leave you with my little gem that I wrote:

Some days suck.

Some days don’t.

Tomorrow is a new day.

So tomorrow won’t.

I hope.


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