Running with Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday night I partied hardy at the Juanes concert, which of course meant that Ava came to bed with an upset stomach about 4:00am and Allie was crying in her sleep from at least 4:30 to about 5. Aside from the tired, the exhaustion from a never ending work week and a never shrinking to-do list made me feel like running was the last thing I needed.

Then I got the boost from my village that I needed. My friend Law Momma posted a reminder that yesterday was National Running Day. Despite my intention to leave my bag of running clothes at home, I knew I had to get out there. Thank you so much, K. Yesterday more than anything I needed a run. You pushed me that extra step out the door. Heather made sure I set a limit and stopped working to go out and run.

Some days it’s so easy to be overwhelmed with the stacks of work and the anxiety and the …. And on those days, that’s when you need to run the most. When I was at the peak of anxiety, all I wanted to do was run–with my eyes closed. I literally would go for spurts with my eyes closed because I just felt free and safe. Very few people probably understand that, but I’m thankful my Addye girl did.

It was not as hell and humid as can be. To say running conditions weren’t prime is an understatement. But I went out there. I could feel myself struggling less with endurance and breathing, even though the extreme heat left me running at a much slower pace than normal. I didn’t quite hit three miles, but I desperately needed the break.

Sometimes there’s nothing that works to reset the crazy jumble in your head that keeps you from focusing. Sometimes it’s running that lets you clear your head and start thinking from a different perspective that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it before.


And sometimes, running just lets you see everything around you and you’re reminded how amazing your surroundings are. Look at thing from a different angle. Run your downtown like a tourist would and don’t be embarrassed to take pictures.

Even something as simple as a white squirrel.

Get out there and run. Just walk. Just get out there and open your eyes and breathe.


3 thoughts on “Running with Eyes Wide Open

  1. That white squirrel looks like it could fuck up a face if it needed to. I’ve never seen one like that.
    I’m glad you forced yourself. That’s what we have to do in order to keep ourselves from being “stuck”
    Love you and you know I’m always here xoxo

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