How to Fail at Pinterest

I am a Pinterest champ. Judge me by my boards and I am the most stylish, well organized, fittest running mom ever in life.

I have a beautifully organized house and incredibly delicious healthy meals made from the veggies in my garden, all placed on the delicately decorated table for my well behaved and impeccably dressed little girls to enjoy.

Yeah. Ok. But that was until reality hit last week.

I didn’t realize there was a problem until I found an extra jar of peanut butter after buying some “because we were out.” So I decided it was time to get organized, because who knows what else is in that pantry?

It was about time I actually paid attention to those organization pins and correctly used those shelving units I have had in my pantry all along. That’s when I realized I was a Pinterest fail, or maybe I just over estimated the power of the site.

I found FOUR brand new jars of peanut butter.

And yes, that is Chef Boyardee back there. But it’s whole grain! Don’t judge. The girls like it and sometimes after a long and exhausting work day, it’s not worth the battle to make food you know they won’t even bother to eat.

I pin stuff that seems awesome, but then life and laziness get in the way and I forget all the stuff I was supposed to do to make my life easier and more perfect. Then I compare myself to the moms that actually DO follow through on all the pins and create perfect teacher gifts and party favors and I feel like an underachiever (actually, I’d call them overachievers, but tomato/tomatoh).

Makes Pinterest a little self-defeating, right? Damn, someday I’ll figure this Pinterest thing out.

If you want to follow my boards, just click here. I really do pin good stuff. Plus, thanks to The Next Martha, it’s my mission to be sure those boards are well organized. Happy pinning!


2 thoughts on “How to Fail at Pinterest

  1. Haha! Great. I just went and read that blog and now I feel all unworthy.

    And don’t feel bad about those Pinterest perfect teacher gifts…

  2. Don’t worry. I’ve been assured by my teacher friends that they are sick of Pinterest gifts and would be much happier with gift cards. So that’s my plan for this year!
    Love you!

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