Sleep regression, you evil rat.

Allie has been a champ sleeper. Unlike Ava, who to this day would hop in bed with us for the night if we let her, Allie has no interest in sleeping with us. Which is a bummer on multiple levels.

Sometimes you just want to cuddle that precious, delicious smelling tiny. But sometimes, like now, you just wish she would go to bed so you could too.

I’m not sure what’s happening. About 3 weeks ago, or two-who knows in this work/stress/sleep vortex, Allie started screaming when it was time for bed. Normally our routine involved stories and funny faces and on my way I went.

No more. Allie is not impressed.

I tried everything. Nothing worked. I even took her to the pediatrician one Saturday morning because surely she had an earache and/or molars and that’s why she was regressing into a beast. Nope.

This week we gave up and did the evil “cry it out.” Desperate times, dudes, and she is a testament to the fact it does work. Or it did. But now she just screams. And screams. And screams louder. I know she’s fine, so we let her do it. And yes, she went to bed. And no, she didn’t hate me in the morning.

But now she’s started waking again during the night. Or not, hopefully tonight is a fluke. Either way, help.

I went to google, but that was a total bust. It’s like the Internet isn’t even credible! Gah. Maybe I should pull one of the several books on my shelf about parenting, sleep, or raising a happy child that I never even opened or bothered to read. Osmosis works, right? I did graduate so it must have worked sometimes…

Seriously, is this a sign of the terrible twos to come?! She does turn two on Friday. Is this a growth phase or something? Please tell me this is normal.

Scared mommy who doesn’t want to keep the Bean and Starbucks rolling in the dough (as delicious as it is)


5 thoughts on “Sleep regression, you evil rat.

  1. I wish I could help you. I’m knee deep in my own sleep regression and its killing me. My sleep through the night baby is now waking 2-3 times. Does she take a paci or a lovie? Can you get her a special baby doll or something that might be a comfort for her? Is she hungry? Hope you get it sorted. Lack of sleep is no bueno! Xo

    • oh no! She has a blankey. She loves it. She’s not hungry. Who knows what it is. But I hope your sweet girl gets to sleep again soon too!

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