Memorial Day is…

I don’t think I can really say what Memorial Day is in words that do it justice.  I asked my brother, a United States Marine, what it meant to him.  It was his answer that made me truly understand.

“It’s sad to watch or know people die for something, anything. But Memorial Day should be about remembering life, not death about someone. Never forgotten.”

Here’s my take. Hoping I did him justice. That pic is the only good pic I have of the 3 of us. It’s 13 years old.  After doing this interview, I realized that because of my brother’s service, my time away from home, and the fact we’ve all 3 lived apart for the last 13 years, our last Christmas together was right before my mom died. We hadn’t spent Christmas together for about 3 years before that or since.

It’s the little things.  Hold family close–they’re all you’ve got.


7 thoughts on “Memorial Day is…

  1. I wished that more people would use this day to honour these brave men and women and to not worry about where the BBQ is.
    They are not statistics.
    They are heroes.
    And people.

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