Happy 30 Always! {#Giveaway & iTunes!}

sponsored legal mumbo jumbo: I was given this stuff by Always because I really like Always and they knew I was crazy excited about their stuff. I also got an extra set of stuff to giveaway because i wanted to share the love with you guys. other than that, i’m not being paid for this post and they didn’t tell me to say any of this.


Photo1I had an amazing time at Blissdom. I literally miss my girls Michelle, Kristina and Andrea every.single.day.  We had so much fun, I’m ready to buy my ticket for next year.

One of the fun parts of being at a blog conference is the free stuff, of course.  You get to meet people who are enthusiastic about their products and looking to make connections with bloggers who are happy to tell their readers friends.  I’m totally one of those people who finds stuff I like and then scream it from the rooftops.  And you know how I feel about products and services I don’t like– ::cough Sprint Sucks cough::

Anyway Andrea and I had a great time getting our pictures taken to celebrate Always’ 30th birthday. And we might have pretended we were still 30, but that’s neither here nor there.  It’s funny to think that I’m older than a product, but whatever.

They had a great setup of old school stuff like pop rocks, and Lip Smackers, and Blow Pops. Ah, the good old easy days of high school.  I took like a million samples of stuff to share with all my friends at work and they didn’t even look at me like I was crazy.

Then they reached out to me and said they’d send me MORE samples since I got so excited when I was there and passed out all of mine!  YAY!  Except when I got my samples…I was blown away.  Not only did they send samples, they sent all of this:

always 1 always 2

So. That’s where Good Stuff Wednesday comes in because we can all use some good stuff this week.  Seriously, there are so many awesome products and I had honestly not tried even half of them. I was pumped (because I’m a nerd) and I love to try new stuff and I also love tote bags.  And Lip Smackers.  And iTunes gift cards.  ::teenage squee!::

Good luck!

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16 thoughts on “Happy 30 Always! {#Giveaway & iTunes!}

  1. I want to win because: tampons are expensive, I use pantyliners a lot, I want to play Candy Land with my kid, and I need the iTunes card so I can get that app everyone has to write on their Instagram pics!

  2. Um, that’s a pretty impressive amount of loot to give away! I do use Always on occasion; would love to sample some of their other products. And 13 Going On 30? One of the best dance scenes in a movie. Ever.

  3. I was at BlissDom, and I LOVED the chicks from Always. We started talking about the first time we got our periods. It was a hoot. You have a great giveaway! I want to win the fun stuff like the tote bag. And the iTunes card. And the Lip Smackers. Because I’m #Always going to buy their Tampax products. Duh! And I’m #Always going to buy #Always.

    {Did you see what I did there?} 😉



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