My Little Smurf.

This morning Allie found a marker. She loves to color. But in the truck she didn’t have a color book, just a cup of chaka (chocolate) milk  and some cereal.

God forbid that her creativity be stifled. So she wasn’t deterred. She wrote on herself. Till I noticed. And then I tried to take the marker away. see top left picture.

Then she got angry. So she wrote on her leg while looking me in the eye.  Then she threw the marker. And her cup. And the cereal.  When she cried because she wanted them back, she kicked them out of my hand.

It’s a rough life being a toddler when everyone is at your beck and call but they always seem to do things just not quite right.  The nerve of those people.

She then wiped her tears with her marker stained hands.

Then she got distracted by the trucks on the road and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the phone. And all was well in her world again.

There’s always something to smile about, even when your toddler makes you alittletinybit crazy.

photo (3)


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