The Breakup: #Sprint Fail-Part 2.

Welcome back to my never ending saga with Sprint.

When we last talked, I told you about how I called trying to get help, but instead I was given the number of an old Sprint customer (who shared my disdain) and I was talked to condescendingly by someone in the cancellation department. All in the same day! It was awesome!

What’s happened since then?  Well, we quit Sprint.

HOORAY! Ding dong the deal is done. Right?


After that hot mess of “communication,” I reached out to the Social Care team again to tell them how pissed I was about how I was treated.  I finally get in touch with the person I was dealing with and tell him we are looking to cancel, as he suggested. Fine, no problem.  But we have to send back our phones.

Um, excuse me? I have to send back the phone I paid for because the service is so crappy that the phone might as well be a Zack Morris brick of a phone from 1992?  No.

They were doing me a favor by letting me send back my phones instead of paying the early termination fees. Seriously, I’m not a brain surgeon but that doesn’t sound like a favor to me.  Whatever. Fine.   I told him I’d talk to J about it and get back with them.

Well I tried to give them notice. But seeing as how the magic phone number I was given didn’t actually belong to someone at Social Care, I had to wait for a call back.  I was so pissed and fed up that we went to Best Buy and switched to Verizon.

Funny enough he called that afternoon.  I told him we cancelled our phones and we were ready to send the old ones back.

“Oh, well you should have told me first because now I don’t know what I can do about the cancellation fees. You may have to port your number back to Sprint so we can wrap this up and then take care of the phones.”

Are you puppy loving kidding me?! (Friends reference)

::unleashing Straight Talk Jess::

OH HELL NO.  Just kidding, I didn’t say that but I wish I could have.

But I did go all lawyer on him and schooled him on “offer and acceptance” and don’t mess with me because you can’t suddenly change your terms when they were in writing.  He quickly offered to check with his boss and magically they were going to ship us materials to send back the phones.  And the Airave box that was sent to us as a courtesy to boost our cell phone reception in the house.  (Apparently they charge $35 a month for that thing normally! Again, hell. no.  We would never have paid that.)

Seeing as how this debacle had gone to date, I wanted to be sure that the tiny scratch in the corner didn’t end up costing us money because we suddenly got charged a “This Used Phone has a Tiny Flaw” fee. He said not to worry, and plus the packing materials would be secure to send back the phone, but if I wanted, I could wrap them in bubble wrap.

So we get our shipping stuff in the mail. Not the box of stuff I was expecting on my doorstep, just some envelopes shoved in an envelope.

photo (2) Nothing was labeled, no instructions on what to send with what. We got a form letter that said we needed to send back our boxes, chargers and including manuals.


A supervisor called me. While he said he was very sympathetic, he assured me there was nothing to be done. They can’t waive fees.  Even though somehow if I had stayed a customer and gave them notice I was cancelling they might have offered it?

Persistent person that I am, hoping they’d do the right thing, he asks me, “Well what would you do if you kept the phones? Would you reactivate with Sprint?”

Um, what?

I guess, maybe.  IT DOESN’T MATTER. So I say sure, what if I keep one and give it to my dad to activate.  Yeah, they said no.  Why do you need to know if isn’t an option?  It’s like at the end they wanted us to leave.  For a minute (and I do mean a minute) we worried about leaving Sprint. But as the hot mess of horrific customer service kept getting worse, we got over it.

If I had known this is how customer service was going to play out, I would have saved everyone’s time and we would have terminated our contract in March when we first started having issues.  Because clearly, all that happened was we traded our phones for early termination fees. We probably would have been better off just paying them, but whatever.

And for the record, never did I once yell at anyone. Ever. Straight talk, yes. Tell them I think these policies are crazy? Sure. Let them know how disappointed in the whole experience? ABSOLUTELY.

I’m over it. Done. I don’t even care about fighting them to keep the stupid phones anymore.

We are so happy with Verizon. I can carry on a conversation with my dad and not drop the call every time.  I can send an email from my phone and even get a response from someone within 30 seconds.

I use the data I pay for to use my iPhone as a hotspot for my other devices.  You know, BECAUSE IT’S MY DATA, that I pay for.


Chapter closed.  And now I can get over it.  If they don’t screw up our account after we send the phones back.  dun dun dun…..

So yeah, remember:



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