Right Now.

I just finished a HUGE work project yesterday. Well, mostly. I still have to do some formatting and some memo writing, but it is DONE. It was a major undertaking and I can proudly say, “I did that.” I swear I ran down the hallway like a giddy fool looking for a gold star.

I ran this morning. At 8:00am it was already 75 degrees. Needless to say, I’m going to have to start waking up early to get some run time in if I don’t want to end up dehydrated all summer. My new go to recovery drink is chocolate soy milk.

It’s already disgustingly hot in Texas. It was humid and absolutely stifling. Makes me terrified about what the summer will actually bring. I’m not sure why in just the last two years I’ve realized how much I hate the heat.

I’m still licking my wounds after what felt like a fail of a parenting day. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting. I hate these days, but no matter what, by the end of the day it’s usually better. The heart of my big girl is amazing. She blew me away at swim class today and we were both beaming with excitement. The pride I had for that girl could be seen a mile away because I was grinning like an idiot.

Allie was a beast at bed…just like the last two nights. I even took her to the pediatrician today, just to be sure she didn’t have another ear infection. She didn’t. The screaming coming from her as she threw a tantrum tonight. Good. Lord. Lots of books and some “Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives” and she was ready for bed, much calmer.

I saw this on a blog and felt like it was written for me.

source: Adventures in BabywearingBut there’s tomorrow. I can’t wait for our Sunday morning girls-only coffee time. And with that, night night.


4 thoughts on “Right Now.

  1. She likes diners drive ins and drives? Guy? What? That is my favourite on the food network.
    I think all of us go bat shit happy when our kids work hard…but yours is already awesome so she’s just becoming awesomer.
    Give that child a sedative.

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