Paper Love.

Disclaimer: I got a free credit to Minted to tell you that Minted has wedding invitations. And then I started looking around and found all this other awesome stuff. The opinions are mine and I wasn’t paid for them. If you’ve read my Sprint post, you know I’m not shy telling you when I don’t like something.


My cousin is getting married next month. We are only two months apart, but since he lived in Fort Worth and I grew up in El Paso, we didn’t get to grow up together. But for some reason, with him it’s like we’ve known each other forever when we see each other.

When we got his wedding invitation, I was blown away. Decoration and design has DEFINITELY come a long way from when I got married. Or maybe it was because I lived in El Paso and modern stuff took a while to get there. Who knows. Either way, almost 11 years later, I was looking at the beautiful wedding invitations on Minted and wondered which one 22 year old Jess would pick. The now 32 year old Jess probably has pretty different tastes.

I love paper invitations. It’s funny how much we all live by Evite and other online invitation sources. But I’m old fashioned and I love seeing someone’s personality come out on paper. I’m also pretty sure besides my Proper Bestie, I’m one of the few people keeping the USPS in business. She and my coworker’s daughter taught me the awesome of personalized stationary. Now I want some.

I love sending mail. I love the idea of someone coming to their mailbox after a long day at work and sorting through the piles of crap and bills to find a smile.

When stuff was less than awesome on the depression front, I came home to pretties in the mail from my friends in the computer and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me.

Just a tiny note saying you’re thinking of them can brighten their day. Coming to a mailbox near you, I think I’m getting these:

I had no idea that Minted even carried half the stuff they do. When I was in the thick of things, I started journaling. I didn’t do it often, but it was an outlet when I wasn’t comfortable blogging the blah that is depression and anxiety. I’m pretty sure I need this “Pretty Poppies” journal because I love carrying around pretties and fun pens. Hello, my favorite colors and personalized for $16? I’m sold.

So yeah, now that I’ve sufficiently spent an hour looking at stuff that I never knew I always needed (and then pinned it all) it’s time to empty the shopping cart and wait patiently at the mailbox.

Happy Saturday!


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