Right Now.

I’m listening to “Run” by Snow Patrol and looking out the window at a stormy Austin sky. I’m thinking about when me and J went to see them at Stubb’s live. That was a damn good concert.

I am texting with ladies I’m happy to be call friends. It’s amazing how wonderful the internet can be sometimes.

I’m loving this post at Hyperbole and a Half. It’s part 2 of Allie’s take on depression. It’s scary how much I can see myself in every part of that, even the laughing. Other than the wanting to not be here thing, I could have written that piece word for word–except it wouldn’t be as awesome as Allie’s. I’m so thankful that I’ve crossed that bridge for now. It’s always a work in progress, and I keep hoping the better days continue.


jason aldean * pre sweat fest * jon acuff * swim

I’m looking forward to taking both girls to swim lessons this weekend. Allie had a blast and is STILL talking about it. I’m so excited to think that my tiny almost two year old girl will probably know how to swim before we hit the 4th of July. She did amazing at her first lesson.

I’m still on a mission to let people know just how much Sprint sucks. I’m still working on this because I don’t think it’s fair that people are marketed a service that doesn’t exist. Apparently I’m not the only one because in researching, I found tons of people experiencing the same thing and a boatload of class action lawsuits about Sprint’s non-existent 4G service.

I’m on a mission to take more yoga classes. I went my first vinyasa (flow) class at a real yoga studio (Gold’s didn’t count, and wow what a difference). HOLY COW. I have not even sweat that much on a long run in the heat of summer. Wow. I’m still sore, but the awesome kind of sore. I figure if I’m going to get serious about running again, I need to take all measures to make sure my body stays healthy–that includes stretching.

Oh did I mention I’m training to run a half marathon on 7.27? Yup. You can blame my running partner in crime for telling me about the race, and Jon Acuff for inspiring me by saying “you control the start.”   So if I can do that…well let’s just say that I’m am seriously entertaining the idea of a bigger race at Disney in January 2014. More on that later.  Time to punch fear in the face, right Jon?

I’m loving Jason Aldean. J and I went to his concert this weekend. Jake Owen opened. Um, no words. So awesome. I’ve pretty much been listening to them on repeat. There’s something about live music that takes your enjoyment to a whole new level.

So yeah, that’s me, right now.


6 thoughts on “Right Now.

  1. I took vinyasa for bad backs. It was the same only not as limber-ish.
    And it was way too expensive.
    I love that Allie came back and nailed it with that post. So brilliant.
    And running a marathon? You go girl!!! You can text me while you’re running. Do it.

    • The place I go is a “pay what you wish” hippy donation type place. They ask a minimum $5 but suggested is $10-15. Whatev. I’m really liking it.

      Allie seriously hit it all. I was reading and thought, oh well I didn’t have the laughs. Oh, but I did. And it WAS at the inappropriate moment. Sigh.

      I totally would text you. And call you crying. And ask for an ass kicking. And then I’ll officially be a gimp and will shut the marathon door and stop trying to do it.

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