Two Kids, Two Adventures.

Everyone always says that things are incredibly different with your second child. Yup.

You don’t freak out with every little thing or coat yourself with antibac, you bend on stuff you swore you wouldn’t, and the pregnancy and baby books never get filled out. Poor second baby.  At least Allie has a ton of pics, thanks to my trusty iPhone.  Too bad they haven’t seen the light of day to be printed and put on the wall…

I was going through pictures to give to Ava and handed her a picture of her as a newborn. Except it wasn’t her. If it wasn’t for the name of the hospital on her shirt, I would never have guessed it was Allie. Gah, what kind of mother am I?! They looked like twins for about a month. And then the similarities ended and Allie morphed into my mini Me.


Ava and Allie are sometimes as different as night and day. Actually, most of the time they are incredibly different personalities.  Ava was so incredibly chill. She went with us everywhere.  It wasn’t because of lack of options (even though it was), it’s because she was just so good that no matter where she went it was fine.  Allie…is a little more rambunctious.  That’s what people say to be nice instead of, “oh my gosh it would be easier to give the neighborhood cat a bath than it would be to get your kid to sit still.”

Last night, I picked up Allie from school and she was very grouchy on the way home. “NO LAKE! NO BUS! NO!” Everything was drama.

We rushed to pick up Ava from school, raced to get her changed and dropped her off at dance class.  Allie was not impressed.  Ever the social butterfly (like Ava), she did not want to go home. She made that crystal clear by telling me.  Repeatedly.  “NO HOME!” I tried to ask her if she was ok and she made a face that would give me a run for my money and said, “Walk away mama! WALK AWAY!”

Despite her attempt to make her wishes known, it was hilarious. Ok, Allie, let me stop this truck and walk away.  Funny girl.  She turned herself into a board to protest getting out to go into the house. I somehow managed to carry her and our junk inside and put her carefully on the floor to continue her fit.

I stopped cleaning the kitchen after a couple of minutes and went to pick her up.  Just like she always does, she stopped her fit and held me tight, clinging for dear life.  She let everything go and was my babe again.

At bed she pointed out each book SHE wanted to read.  She held the book and pointed to each animal, vehicle, or whatever else she saw.  In the past few weeks her vocabulary has started to grow immensely.  I was honestly worried for a while. Why wasn’t she doing this like Ava did?  How come she started walking later?  Why doesn’t she talk more?

Oh, but she does walk.  Run like a little bobble head is more like it.  Always in a hurry, like me.  “Hi me-me!” she smiled at me while I changed her into pajamas. I think she started calling me that because I sometimes call her be-be.

She’s learned to count in English and Spanish. She “sings” her ABCs and Happy Birthday.

She constantly blows my mind.

She’s so independent. She loves to explore and do things herself.

She was so precious. I was literally conscious of the fact that I smiling with a full heart just watching her talk and take pride in my praise.  In that moment, I was reminded to be so incredibly grateful that this little wonder was mine.  I know, total sapfest.

I never thought about having kids when I was younger.  I never “knew” I wanted to be a mom.  It’s funny how things change in a heartbeat.  Literally.  I can’t imagine my life without them.  With Mother’s Day coming up, they are an excellent reminder that THEY are why I’m called “mama.”


4 thoughts on “Two Kids, Two Adventures.

  1. I am one of 5 and we are all different…well we all have a twin of sorts. Me and my 1 younger brother have the same hilarious attitude.
    I love that you are in love with being a mom. Those girls of yours are so precious. You are a wonderful mom my dear.

  2. Oh goodness. Yes. Wow. And… I think we’re raising twins. Lol. E is so me. And so full of life and energy and sass… it makes me heart swell with pride (immediately before I slam my head into the wall). Haha.

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