How to Live According to an (almost) 2 Year Old.

Being a toddler means being able to do pretty much as you damn well please.  I mean, you can’t kick mom in the stomach and then run away laughing, but…oh wait. Ok, well the toddler phase is full of some interesting moments.  But to be carefree and live life through their eyes?  I think we’d all be a lot happier.

Here’s what I learned from Allie this weekend.

1.  Eat your donut like nobody’s watching. Better yet? Eat your donut like nobody’s watching–and not care if they are. Enjoy it.

2.  Stop and smell the flowers. As adults, we really don’t see everything around us the way that a 2 year old takes it in. Give it a try. It’s amazing the things they notice and are in awe of. When was the last time you got so excited you saw a garbage truck that you screamed?  Or so excited about anything for that matter?

3.  It doesn’t matter if your pants are covered in chocolate granola bar or you touch some dirt. Sometimes, you can’t have fun if you don’t get in the weeds.



You probably read about Saturday and how I wasn’t in the best form.  As we went out to grocery shop on Sunday morning I apologized to Allie.  Her response?  “No yesterday. No yesterday.”  She just meant that we weren’t going to talk about it, but I took it to heart at a deeper level.

No Yesterday.

Yesterday is just that.  It’s gone.  It doesn’t need to be discussed today.  You can’t move forward when you keep looking back at the past and beating yourself up.

She’s a wise one, that Allie girl of mine.


9 thoughts on “How to Live According to an (almost) 2 Year Old.

  1. Agh! I almost cried. Yes. Sometimes I forget how fun 2 must be. I mean… my child had ice cream for breakfast… and she gets a small amount of ice cream before every meal because that’s the ONLY way she will eat the real meal (if chicken nuggets can be classified as “real meal”). She figured out that dessert really is best if it’s served first… and you know what? We got with it because 2 obviously means BOSS.

    • Seriously, you do what you have to do! And if that’s how you do it, whatever. And if nuggets aren’t a real meal, then neither are corndogs or macaroni, which means our kids don’t eat. ;-p

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