Weekend Crazy.

The work week flew by me last week. I know people say that all the time, but work was literally piled on top of itself and I was luckily able to stay afloat. By the time I looked at the clock each day, I was realizing I had to break to get food, and then after that I would stop and realize it was time to go. Half the time I wasn’t ready to leave. But obviously, I wanted (and needed) to get the girls so off I went.

With a week like that, you would think I’d take my liberties over the weekend to unwind and relax. But that just wouldn’t be my style.

Saturday started with ballet, then back home to change, then off to a birthday lunch with my favorite John Mayer lover. Back home to clean and manage while our fence got repaired. It blew down weeks ago and they’re just now being able to come out and repair it. Non. Stop.
Sunday I ran 10K. The longest race I’ve run since my half marathon in February 2010. Not by choice, but my body had other ideas of long distance running. It was awesome. I ran with my neighbor and that motivated me to run the entire thing. Even the hellacious hills. If you live in Austin, or are even a little familiar with downtown, you know the hills are hell. Seriously. But I didn’t stop. It felt good though and I was damn proud of myself. I slowed when I need to because the thought of hurting myself and being unable to run for another 6 months terrifies me.

An hour and two minutes later, I crossed the finish line and was greeted by my Ave.

Did we slow down? Of course not. Off we went to change clothes in the Starbucks bathroom and head to Sunday school. We made it just in time. I did a pretty good job of hiding the fact I had just sweat out about 1000 calories thanks to all the lunch time run practice during work.

With all that I desperately needed and took advantage of Allie’s nap time. Nap while the baby naps is still true no matter what age they are.

I had just said on Facebook that I loved grocery shopping–except on Sunday afternoons. Guess where I ended up on Sunday afternoon? Yup. With the girls and a cartful of groceries because I hadn’t shopped in weeks. Not really, anyway.

10K and grocery shopping with an almost 2 year old on my hip not enough? Never! We went out to relax outside and my relaxation was pulling weeds. Again, I’m crazy. Clearly. I was just brought up in a family that loved being outside and working on the yard. My uncle’s house was like an oasis and my dad was good enough to create them himself. It’s in my blood.

Then there was making dinner. And bath time for everyone. And then, and then, well by then I finally slowed down and laid in bed. Holy. Cow. I definitely go big or go home.

At least I made it through Monday…I even did my body a favor and wore flats today. And comfortable clothes. Didn’t even try to pretend that I could pull off heels–and that’s when my shoes weren’t under my desk. I guess I’m not that crazy. How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Crazy.

  1. look at you making me all proud with a mustache shirt…and sun glasses?
    Any day of the week is busy for shopping. We don’t have many stores so…that’s why I drink a lot.
    You’re hot.

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