Make your sun shine.

Wow. So I hit publish yesterday. Wasn’t sure even after I hit post. So yeah.

I had some time today after an appointment so I decided to throw caution to the wind and headed to Whole Foods by myself and wander. I knew I needed lunch. I knew I needed smoothie stuff. Apparently nutrition is important. So knew?

We are super lucky that the Whole Foods headquarters is right here in downtown Austin. It’s awesome. I’ve gone on a tour there. Such an amazing place. I guess our store is pretty big. To put it in perspective, 800 people work in the store alone. Not even including corporate. Crazy right?

Anyway, when you come off the escalators feeling like you’ve been delivered in to this magical world of awesome, you run into two things: wine and fresh cut flowers. It’s pretty awesome, especially because the wine is usually local.

I usually hurry past the flowers to the incredible prepared food section to grab a bite to eat. I like the thought of the flowers, but what the hell do I need flowers for?

Not today.

Today I stopped. I looked. I really paid attention to the colors. The variety. The smells. I literally stopped to smell the floriculture. Um, yeah I’m a nerd. But also I don’t do roses.

I decided I would pick up some beautiful, vibrant yellow gerber daisies. The were perfect. So pretty they looked like they were fake.

We never keep flowers in the house. I’m one of those “flowers die, so what’s the point of wasting the money?” kind of people. But not today. I grabbed the bunch and planned to make more people than me smile. The idea that sharing these beautiful daisies with someone else and make them smile was enough for me.

For once I focused on the moment. On me. On the present. Not what will happen a week from now. I didn’t worry about the inevitable and lived in the moment. As silly as buying a $6 bouquet sounds, it was a big deal.

Sometimes you have to make your sun shine when the skies around you are gray.

It’s as simple as buying the brightest yellow flowers you can find and sharing the light with someone else.



15 thoughts on “Make your sun shine.

  1. Whatever works. 🙂 I do the same thing… that’s why I don’t like to “waste” money on “food”. So dumb. But you live in the moment and take care of you! 🙂

    • I need to remember the whole not wasting money on food thing. The whole depression thing has gotten in the way and I’ve gotten SUPER lazy.

      • Wait! I meant that spending money on food is not always a bad idea! Especially with “the whole depression thing” you gotta do what’s best for you! If you see something that appeals? Buy it and EAT IT.

  2. Living in the moment and not worrying about the future or the past – something I’ve been working on. I had to go outside yesterday, just empty my mind, and soak up the smell of all of the orange blossoms in the air. They remind me of honeysuckle. Taking some time to just live the moment, like buying flowers for yourself, or sitting on your back porch smelling them, is what we all need sometimes. Thanks for sharing your story and being so open. There are probably a lot more people than you know who see this and it helps them understand.

    • That sounds wonderful, Rachel. Thank you so much for this message. I added your blog to my reader. This is just the inspiration I need right now. Since I probably won’t be running outside at lunch anymore, I think I’m going to go sit in the sun.

      Lovely to meet you!

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