Pure Blissdom. Lessons Learned.

Blissdom was awesome. For three nights, I had time all to myself. I slept in a comfy bed in an awesome hotel, and woke up when I decided. I didn’t have to make sure anyone ate but me, and if that meant ice cream for lunch? So be it.

Of course there was meeting new people (more on that later). I learned that not everyone you meet online wants to murder you or steal your identity. inside joke But really. The people I did reach out to we’re awesome.

And the stuff. Oh my word, the stuff I came home with. I drove so I had tons of it. I had some very happy friends when I got back.

But more importantly, I came back with the knowledge that I could do it. I could go out of town. Alone.

The world didn’t end because I wasn’t at the office or at home to get things done.

I learned that Siri is just as much an idiot when it comes to maps sometimes as she is when it comes to taking dictations. Ask my girls who spent an hour in the car with me to make the 10 minute trip from DFW airport to the Gaylord. It may have possibly been operator error, but we were saved by an Android so all ended well.

I learned you should never let your phone near the toilet. iPhone doesn’t care for water. Sometimes rice just isn’t enough. But you can survive at a blog conference without one for 36 hours when you have roommates who love you and don’t leave your side. luckily this wasn’t me, luckily K had awesome insurance. Kristina was a stronger woman than I.

I learned that we can all survive a weekend without our babies around–including me. This was my biggest fear. I was terrified I would miss the girls so much that I would want to come right home. It was my first night EVER in life away from Allie. I worried she wouldn’t be able to grasp the fact I was away for the weekend, but I would be back. I never for a second worried they would have fun and enjoy their daddy time. Of course they had a blast.

I learned that you have to know your limits and you have to exercise them. There were a few times that despite the awesome and laid back nature of Blissdom, I became overwhelmed. Or depressed. Or both. Either way I knew I had to step back, and that was ok. Remember that one beer commercial about not drinking and driving? “Know when to say when.” I did.

Being able to remove yourself and acknowledge there is, or will be, a problem is half the battle.

Thankfully I had incredibly patient, caring, and understanding roommates who gave me the space when I needed it and the care and concern when I was ready. Andrea , Kristina, and Michelle, I’m having withdrawals. It’s amazing to be able to connect with friends that you’ve only known online but it can feel like you’ve known them forever.


I explored the sessions, met some interesting people, and I learned some incredible things that I hope to not only apply to my blog, but to my life. Once I get time to truly absorb my notes, I want to share what I learned because I hope it can fundamentally change not only the way I write, but th way I think. For the better.

Aside from the chance to finally meet and hug friends I’d only known in my computer, the thing I wanted to come home with was tools to become a writer and a person not scared of her own voice. Not ashamed. Not embarrassed. Not putting on my face. The real and true Jess, for better or worse. Including admitting I have depression.

I’m getting closer to being able to share more. And I hope that you’ll be patient and support me along the way.

There’s definitely more Blissdom wrap up to come. So much I want to share about my experience as a blog conference newbie. And the stuff I learned in sessions, can’t wait to share that.

But for now, I made it. A little wiser and a little stronger.


10 thoughts on “Pure Blissdom. Lessons Learned.

  1. Yay! Good times, good friends… that’s what it’s about! I can’t wait to hear what you learned about life and being all writery and stuff.

  2. Enjoyed your recap. It was my first time away from my youngest (2yo), too. I actually weaned him the day before I left and I’m still getting requests to nurse – which is breaking my heart. However, it was time. He was born the weekend of Blissdom 2011. This was my second Blissdom. I missed the last 2 because of him – but went to the one in 2010 (taking along my other little guy, who was a handful at the time). This was my first conference in 4 years without taking along at least two of my kids (I have 2 teens, 2 tots). I enjoyed it more in most ways, but was sooooo missing co-sleeping at nights!

    • I’m sorry we didn’t meet up! It was definitely a great experience and glad to know I could do it. I bet the weaning was hard. I was afraid of that when she was getting ready to turn one. But one day she was just over it and there was nothing to do on my part. She does NOT like cosleeping which sometimes makes me sad because our first would still kill to sleep with us sometimes. Lol.

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